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As the crypto-market continues to grow, so will the demand for cryptocurrency developers as well as meaningful ways to utilize bitcoins, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. However, not all cryptocurrencies will have as much tangible tradevalue as you might expect; especially in terms of real-world skilled labor exchange. We will also provide the world’s first, on-demand, direct-accountability charity economy.

This way people can post charitable works that need to be realized and others can upvote, down-vote, or apply to complete the charitable deed themselves. The charitableside is paid for by a 50/50 split of fees generated by the profit-side of our platform. Fifty-percent goes back in as charitable reinvestment; and the other fifty-percent is used for normal business expenses such as salaries, maintenance, and growth.

ALMbank is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency platform that will be the first ever barterbacked labor pool; which focuses on startups, ICO’s, charitable works, and dream projects. We will be able to fund otherwise un-fundable projects through the use of sweat equity, in conjunction with a meritocracy-based project-exposure system. You can think of it as a highend job market that will have a meaningful cultural impact on business models of the future.

We are creating a platform where people will be encouraged to do work for coins and spend coins, but mostly as a means for real world production, instead of as a purely trading-based platform. This will create a sustainable demand for a currency, which can eventually be backed by dollars/silver, to the tune of thirty percent; thereby creating a stable/sustainable, growth-oriented micro-economy.

The ALMbank token pre-sale and crowd sale will help fund the development of the platform, it’s marketing, and branding. ALMbank will be developed as state-of-the-art labor exchange platform, based on the Ethereum platform’s smart contract protocol. Utilizing this blockchain technology will provide a secure system for users to deposit and transfer funds within our platform.

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To gain membership into our crypto-platform, there will be no upfront costs. Instead, there will only be service fees charged when you are fulfilling paid tasks on the platform. Startups will be allowed to barter for labor. We will only take a 3-9 percent fee for administrative costs and to keep the platform sustainable. We will also launch our platform fee-free, to give people a chance to get used to us, before we start charging for an unknown commodity. At checkouts, people will be given the option to donate additional tokens to our platform, if they are happy with our platform and services.

Our nominal fee is much less than what they would pay to hire a headhunter or someone to arrange such a deal on the outside market. Our lower fees will maintain our viability in the marketplace for the immediate future and give smaller online startups a form of tax haven, as no real money is changing hands, just digital currency (which has yet to face regulation). This lack thereof regulation is another big boon to our business.

In total, 30% of the tokens are being offered in the presale and crowd sale for a discounted rate. The funds raised will be used for platform development, marketing, and developing security features. Additional tokens will be sold at the platform launch for a marked-up price. To attract new investors once the platform is launched, a limited period may be allowed for investors to demo the platform for free.

Aside from our cutting-edge labor exchange ventures, our profits from fees will be largely reinvested in the charity fulfillment side of our business, where our administrative board will be reviewing causes and deciding which ones to fund publicly and/or privately. At this point, we put our money where our mouth is so to speak. We will also have community boards who vote on which projects to fund as well, although our administrative will retain veto powers in the form of tokens, which must be bought by fund managers and investors. Fund-managers will be able to set a percentage fee on the entry and exit between vaults.

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