Arbidex Review: A Reliable Platform for Crypto Currencies Trade


Arbidex Review A Reliable Platform for Crypto Currencies Trade

Arbidex is a platform for digital currency that aims to collect liquidity from all cryptocurrencies and support transaction from one account to all kinds of assets in other methods of exchanges. It also has some extra features that enable users to make arbitrage process automatic.

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The main purpose of ICO is to create and develop a particular platform for professional traders so that they will find it hassle-free to trade their crypto asset in different exchanges within one single interface. Besides, it also attempts to connect with MT4 or other professional trading tools and provide low level commission yet great quality services. This platform offers two major features. First, it can trade assets from the majority of crypto exchanges in the world from one account at the same time as automatizing arbitrage process. Investor will get an opportunity to gain some profits using their deposits.

Detail information about Arbidex is available in their official website and of course from the white paper. Here potential can gain some information about the project developers, who are all intelligent professional people, the advantages of making investment, the company roadmap, and more importantly the products and services that they offer.

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Arbidex gets some commissions from the profit of arbitrage commission which takes 50 percent from arbitrage chains that have been successfully held. Another commission is earned from regular trade operation. Utility token from the platform enables users to get access to premium services including applying arbitrage strategy with large amount of deposit. In addition, they can get lower commission for trade operation in all exchanges connected to one platform. Furthermore, users can take part in developing the platform such as voting for new token list and other important issues for the society.

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Cryptocurrency market has been growing rapidly that makes it an economy trend this year. The large number of cryptocurrency exchanges leads to high level of volatility and lack of liquidity. It should be noted that the whole market is also threatened by negative political and technical development such as hacking and the bad of cryptocurrency in some countries. However, the popularity of cryptocurrency keeps growing out of control due to constant fund from long term investment and trade. Unlike conventional markets, the assets value of digital markets can vary from hundreds percent every day.

Other liquid assets are even more fluctuated. This problem can be solved by the right trading strategy called arbitrage system. This system uses the right approach for calculation and application that minimizes the risks that may occur. This system is adopted by Arbidex to run its platform with minimal risks even zero risk.

Nowadays, there are more than crypto trade platforms available but there is not much real liquidity in the market. This can lead to some problems. First, the significant of infused amount of funds influence the currency rate quickly. Even, the rate can suddenly fall drastically. Second, the constant trade in some places will be isolated. These two factors cause high level of volatility in which this situation significantly limit the use of crypto currency in real economic sector. It means that volatility can increase risks in trade.

We can see that there have been many platforms who have to stop the registration of new accounts due to some problems they face in the market. Almost all of these platforms provide similar trading services through interface websites which can be complicated for professional traders. It can be concluded that cryptocurrency market is full of risks of investors today.

So here is the role of Arbidex. Considering the risks and problems, Arbidex is trying to increase the liquidity so it can make the investors feel more safe and comfortable. Working with other parties from other economic sectors, Arbidex can give contribution to cryptocurrency development. Arbidex is definitely a trustworthy operating platform because its arbitrage efficiency has been tested. The company is based in London, England but they plan to open some branches to allow traders from other country to do legal trading that is not against the laws. The future plans are the evidence that Arbidex is reliable platform for potential investors so they don’t need to worry that they would waste their capital.

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