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ArcBlock is a computing platform for developing and deploying blockchain applications, Ethereum is a blockchain technology. They are related but are very different. Comparing ArcBlock to Ethereum is like compare Apple to Orange.

To achieve high-performance transactions, we built an optimized blockchain dedicated to ArcBlock’s own token services and the public ledger. The design goal is to achieve >100,000 Tx/s, which is more than adequate for a wide range of applications. In the future this blockchain could be improved for broader purposes.

ArcBlock is a platform service, rather than a standalone software package or set of APIs. ArcBlock is a comprehensive solution that combines blockchain technology with Cloud Computing. ArcBlock is an incentive-driven marketplace for reusable services, components, and even applications.

ArcBlock’s introduction of the Open Chain Access Protocol enabled open connectivity over multiple blockchain protocols. Developers now have the freedom to evaluate blockchain protocols, and even switch back and forth between them.

Blocklet is another revolutionary component that takes advantage of the latest microservice architecture and serverless computing technology.

We also build a distributed messaging system supports pub/sub and acts as an API gateway for Blocklets. ArcBlock’s gateway uses a decentralized design and secure communication channels. Your applications will run in both web browsers and mobile apps, giving users reactive, real-time experiences.

ArcBlock is a self-evolving ecosystem—not just a software platform built by one centralized organization. We at ArcBlock, Inc. and the ArcBlock Foundation are only jump starting the project; the platform will continue to develop and grow on its own.

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ArcBlock aims to build a scalable, extensible, and easy-to-use platform for building and deploying decentralized blockchain applications.

ArcBlock’s primary goal is to remove the barriers that have slowed blockchain adoption among the general public. We’re also passionate about developing unique approaches that will significantly advance blockchain development.

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The new design of ArcBlock takes care of the problem. ArcBlock is a true platform service rather than some normal package. It brings out an effective solution with the help of which blockchain technology shakes hand with the cloud computing world.

Apart from that, ArcBlock is a marketplace which is incentive driven. People belonging to the network can easily reuse different services, components, and also the different applications.

The Miners in the ArcBlock platform are not only focused on the resources but also help in building up to the platform by using different components and flexible services. Not only that, they are even geared up to organize various applications.

Blocket is another essence of the platform that uses latest services on the computing technology. It is easy to implement on any platform as the protocols used in it are pretty advanced.

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