Bitnation – A Mesh Network where anyone can join as the Citizens


Since 2014, Bitnation has built a mesh network. One of the main popular projects established by Bitnation is Pangea Jurisdiction. It is a global platform that is built under a singer digital roof fueled by PAT token. The platform can be used by anyone through their smartphone. Actually nowadays there are many blockchain projects developed but many investors and ICO enthusiasts feel sceptical about the security, robustness, and the prospective future of the project. It does not mean that such doubts and queries are not present in Bitnation project but the sustainability and authenticity of the project are reassuring potential investors. This project is created by a combination of innovation and dream.

Bitnation is again a mesh network that connects people worldwide. The platform that is created using blockchain smart contract can be accessed via a smartphone, offering further clout to jurisdiction. Ethereum technology is used as the base for the operation and implementation of the project.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Who Involves in the Bitnation Ecosystem[/infobox]

There are at least four major parties that become a part of Bitnation ecosystem. The first one is, of course, the citizens. Anyone can be the citizen of Bitnation and all of them have the right to take part in the Bitnation DAO. The second party is Ally. All citizens have an opportunity to become an Ally as long as they post to Bitnation social media feeds such as Twitter and Facebook. Citizens can make use of the communities, newsrooms, and communities so they can become an Ally. The third party is embassies or consulates. These are the places where users can work. It is like an informal office space or home where all users can have interaction. The last is an Ambassadors who are trained individuals that deal with Bitnation DAO.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Benefits of Pangea Jurisdiction[/infobox]

The Bitcoin project, which is the Pangea Jurisdiction gives many benefits to the people who join it. First, it is a decentralized project so each individual is offered the opportunity to control the platform as they want. Furthermore, they are also borderless meaning the services are not limited to any particular places, ethnicity or other categories.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Information about the Token Sale[/infobox]

A sufficient amount of funds is needed to fuel the project. Bitnation has conducted ICO token sale for Pangea Jurisdiction since the end of the last year. The first phase of PAT sale was in December 2017. It was considered the private ICO sale. The crowdsale has already started on 25 March 2018. You still have a chance to participate in the sale as it will close on 24 April 2018. However, you have to be quick because if the hard cap is reached, the closing date can come sooner. Therefore, it is recommended to check its official website for more information related to the ICO sale.

One of the main purpose of the ICO sale to fund the project. That is why 51% of the total resources of the sale will be used to develop the technologies that empower the project. Meanwhile, the rest of the resources will be allocated for operation, marketing, and ecosystem.

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