Cool Cousin – A Revolutionary Travel Agent in Digital Era


Cool Cousin – A Revolutionary Travel Agent in Digital Era

Everyone will agree that finding good travel information is difficult even in this digital era. The problem is that there are biased online content and overloaded information available on the internet as the result of high competition among online travel agents. This makes travellers find difficulty to access relevant information about the place they are visiting. Doubtful online recommendation waste their precious vacation time and even their money. Considering this issue, Cool Cousin which has been in this industry for over 2 years since 2016, is trying to develop its app to ease travellers get on-demand city guidance directly from the locals.

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Via Cool Cousin app, travellers are directly connected to a Cousin to get a personalized travel guide. There are thousands of travellers interact with Cousins for asking information about recommended accommodation, cheap tickets, current events, personalized itineraries, and many more. With the increasing numbers of users, Cool Cousin is on the way to be a revolutionary decentralized online travel agency for modern travellers. Cool Cousin is supported by crypto token (CUZ) and blockchain technology that enable millennial travellers reasonably priced exceptional and ultimate services while giving a valuable opportunity for locals around the globe to earn new income.

Cool Cousin offers an autonomous community of contributors who manage the profiles of Cousins, check the content quality and monetize their distinct knowledge. Moreover, the customized service can be accessed at an affordable price by travellers. The transaction fee is also low. Furthermore, the rapid growth of Cool Cousin leads to scaling fast that expands new territories, inviting new contributors. More importantly, the information that is provided by Cool Cousin is more trustworthy and reliable because it is safeguarded by blockchain technology so that the company itself is not able to do something that ruins the services’ authenticity.

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The challenge that Cool Cousin face is to improve the content standards while working on marketing strategies and giving profit to the company itself and the community. Any transactions that happen within the platform will generate revenues that will be allocated for the Cousins for their fees and the company. There is also a portion of the fee that is given to the community pool. The use of blockchain technology makes it possible for the company to charge cheap transaction fee because the decentralized networks do not require higher sums for operations. This explains why the fees are lower than those of the market standard. Smart contracts are used to determine all fees. The content of smart contracts can be transparently seen and checked by Board of Representatives.

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CUZ Token Sale

The CUZ token sales will be carried out in two stages. The first stage is the pre-ICO sale which will be conducted on 10 April 2018. Meanwhile, the public sale will be on 30 April 2018. No more CUZ tokens will be created after the ICO period ends. In case the soft cap is not reached, participants will get their funds back. The closing date for the public sale is scheduled on 30 May 2018. However, ICO will immediately end whenever the hard cap is reached.

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