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Blockchain technology has made transparent accounting possible, more so when it comes to the need for data and time valuation. The Current, a mobile application, serves as a platform to consolidate numeous multimedia networks into one entity. By creating a completely new and unique exchange medium, customers will then get more options in the way they wish to pay for a particular media.

The protocol that belongs to Current aligns every key players in the industry, making sure it goes weill with their interests. Consumers, curators and creators are among three major parts of the spectrum. With its built-in exchange medium, customers are sure to get to get more options to choose from. Whereas both the curators and creators may just pocket distinctive yet jaw-dropping compensation.

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As the world’s best mobile application, Current gains traction for a few different reasons. One of them is its functionality. No only does Curent consolidate a large number of multimedia networks into a one-stop full-service application. It also gives its users the opportunity to enjoy their favorite contents in different social media platforms – all in one application!

If you think the convenience and seamless integration that the platform offers is already jaw-dropping, you will perhaps rethink your decision. This is largely due to the fact that Current also offers an incredible reward system. Something that other similar applications have never done before. Indeed, the Current application maes it a point to reward all parties involved.

Having been providing the convenience and undeniably tempting rewards, Current has been providing incredible service for more than 200,000 users. Boasting better discovery experience and more convenient search. The launch of Current’s platform along with it cryptocrurrency token provides users with rewards for doing what they love.

By combining behavioral data regarding the topic, type and time of media files played by an individual across multiple networks. Current is more than capable to filter content that fits the pattern. This technology is also the reason why Current is always capable of giving a spectacular recommendations regardless of the channel.

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Personal data is perhaps the most important commodity on the internet nowadays. Media regardless of its type serves as a means to create powerful data economy. Not only is it effective, it’s also regarded as the number one thing that may cause disruption to blockchain. The Current, by correlating values to the files and exercising passive-habit.

In today’s digital landscape, nothing can beat the Current in terms of functionality and flexibility. However, the platform’s believe that every use must get more than the entertainment they are looking for makes Current one of its kind. As comparison, let’s take a look at YouTube. The video hosting website offers a portion of advertisement revenue for contributors. With Current, users get their share.

Creators or contributors also get a portion of the total revenue with Current. Last but not least, the curators get a small portion for being able to find you the content you did not know you would love. This reward rules undoubtedly show that Current understands the value of people and personal data. By understanding this, the platform is capable of not only giving users the best possible service, but also the appreciation they deserve.

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Primary objective of the Current

When we talk about the primary objective of this incredible platform, we cannot stray far from the purpose of its protocol. The target of Current’s protocol is none other than to evolve in accordance to the market adoption. With that being said, it’s no wonder that the objectives will be rolled out to the public incrementally.

The protocol’s initial function is, as it’s expected, to reward all parties involved in this cycle of consumption. The cycle itself is broken down into three different steps. The first step is where the initializer must be verified. The second step is where each value of action that is recorded within the network will be calculated. Whereas the last step is the calculation of the appropriate rewards that will then be distributed to other contributors.

The amount of token rewards earned by users may vary from one person to another. Each individual gets the reward that essentially depends on how successful their referral and how effective their contribution is. With such primary objective, Current is not only able to entertain their loyal users, but also give them an opportunity to turn hobby into profit.

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