Datablockchain: Revolutionary Platform based on Blockchain Technology for Data Sourcing and Marketing


One of the most important parts of the business world is data sourcing. Especially with the massive growth of the business industry. But, in reality, the existing data sourcing and marketing is still highly fragmented and still inaccessible in some part. And of course, this condition makes the users, list owners, manager, and brokers as the main stakeholder of business industry feel inefficient and ineffective in costs and time.

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Like what has been said before, the existing data sourcing and marketing is still highly fragmented and in some part is still inaccessible for business stakeholders. The company is proudly presenting to you come with the mission to revolutionize the data list industry by eliminating unnecessary middlemen and create more efficient data sourcing and delivery process.

And to operating, the users will get the friendly and unified User Interface (UI) to allowing an entity to search varying and diverse sources of data for records that match their search query parameters. The parameters that the user’s used is various. It can depend on geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural attributes.

Besides that, also has a competitive advantage due to the massive data assets of Media Media Direct.Inc is a company that makes a partnership with’s company.

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As a platform that using blockchain technology, the blockchain integration on is very important to explain. using Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contract for all the transactions and payments that happens within its platform.

As we all already know, blockchain is technology that providing more secure, transparency, and fast transactions ledger database. And the Ethereum Blockchain will take a part in empowering, blockchain will make the payments contracts more complex to diverse data sources.

Besides that, also creating a Smart Contract that will be used in transactions, payments, auditing part. The presence of Smart Contract will give the users full trust in the process of payments and transactions within a platform.

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Like the other platform in the crypto world, will also need the presence of the medium of exchange or token that will be used to make all of the transactions and payment within a platform. The token of can be known as DBC Coin. DBC Coin is built up based on ERC 20 Standard and combining with ERC 677 functionality that will be used to implemented within Ethereum Blockchain.

Like what has been said before that is creating Smart Contract, and with this DBC Coin, they will be used in transactions, auditing, and payments. Besides that, DBC coin will also be functioned as a tool to as it will serve as the basis for the Rewards Programs as well as incentivizing partners through a promotion program.

The mechanisms for users to use DBC Coin for purchasing data is quite simple and easy. First, the users have to sign up and create profiles inside the platform. Second, they have to use the DBC wallet to easily purchasing DBC coin. Third, the users have to create a query request for the data they need. Fourth, the users can easily be purchasing the data. And finally, after data source provider receives the payments, the users can get their data needs.

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