Dbrain: Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain



The blockchain is a big thing in this past few years and it continues to grow and getting bigger. With its capability to hold a large scale of encrypted data, blockchain is also highly secure because the data is not only encrypted but also distributed to many different devices/computers. Only someone with permission can access and update those data.

Meanwhile, in the other side of technology rapid growth, there’s Artificial Intelligence or more popular as AI. AI is a machine or application which capable of performing tasks like how human does include learning, deciding, answering the question, predicting, etc. The interesting thing is that AI needs high-quality datasets to make the application success; it’s about 80% of it. The data is a lot more important than the algorithms itself. But the problem is labelling of datasets still needs a lot of human intelligence effort.

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Dbrain basically is a blockchain platform which provides a tool to turn raw data into real-world AI solutions. Dbrain allows all participants to get the advantages from this all AI market.

By combining AI and blockchain, Dbrain ensures its datasets to be high-quality. With a lot of crowd worker which is provide a large number of datasets for AI, Debrain also ensure its validity and quality with SPOCK (Subjective Proof of Crowdwork Protocol). We will know the data owner, real-time and payment for the worker. The payment is in a form of cryptocurrency called Dbraincoins (DBR)

When the data already uploaded on the platform then it’s time to label it. Both data owners and labellers get DBR in return for their work. when the datasets are ready to be processed into AI Applications, that’s when the scientist and developer work and get their DBR. After the application is ready to use, businesses can take over and get profit from it. Businesses can also request for a new model of an application.

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With blockchain as its platform, Dbrain also uses cryptocurrency as its standard payments. DBR is a currency that used for all Dbrain transaction. It’s a standard ERC20 token. DBR used for all the worker payment and also for businesses to pays the AI application. Total number of DBR is already fixed. For everyone who wants it, they can get it by doing work as data owners or labellers or developers, but you can also buy it if you some businesses who want to buy an application.

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AI can be very useful for doing a task like a human does like making a prediction, decision, data processing and much more. Sometimes AI can do faster and more accurate than a human. Provided by a large data and integrated system to access all of it in short periods of time, AI can really help and benefits for all kind of business.

When the application is finish, there’s a common use for the application such as:

  1. Image recognition

Most of AI used for doing work in that area. A lot of business use images to give a major impact to the customer.  This image recognition includes classifying and tagging. Dbrain also launched an AI application which can process image with a low processing budget, so we can save up so much money by using it.

  1. Video surveillance

The blockchain saves lots of video surveillance on the platform. So this how it works: the company send the video from their surveillance video to Dbrain, the crowd workers will detect and tags the unusual videos and the trained model will detect it.

This services usually used by government, security companies, retail and industrial. By using AI the company will save a lot of money which they used to spend in monitoring workers.

  1. Medical data processing

The AI application can really help the medical worker to detect some serious disease in early stages, especially cancer. All we need to do is input the algorithm similar to pathologist workflow to detect those illnesses. Just make sure to input the complete history of the patient, and don’t worry because with blockchain the patient’s data is saved.

  1. Natural language processing

With lots of users, AI can process a content of some formal and informal content of the text in the different language into a universal meaning. This can be used to detect some dangerous situations and to prevent it.

  1. Everything you want it to be

There’s still a lot that AI can do and give a solution with. Dbrain always open to their client needs so what are you waiting for, join and get a lot of advantages here!

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