Denaro Incorporates a Web Wallet and Debit Card for Simple Payment



The use of Cryptocurrencies is still limited especially in paying for services. Many merchants still do not trust 100 percent of the use of these digital assets in the real world. Denaro appears to provide feasible solutions to this problem.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Denaro Vision[/infobox]

Denaro platform aims to enable users to deal with crypto payments easily. In other words, this platform is trying to increase the use of cryptocurrency for a global economy. In order to achieve that, crypto payment should be easily accessed by anyone in the world. Denaro introduces the use of ground-breaking multi-cryptocurrency card combined with API/SCI technologies to ease users to have any transactions with cryptocurrency.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Denaro Ecosystem[/infobox]

Denaro attempts to connect mainstream market and crypto so individuals and companies are able to send, spend, and exchange cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money easily and safely. There are at least four crucial parts of Denaro ecosystem such as IBANs, debit cards, Denaro wallets, and payment terminals. IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It allows users to have transactions accrues different banks from different countries. The second is Denaro web wallet which becomes one of the most interesting things of the ecosystem. The web wallet has various crucial functions such as converting both fiat and cryptocurrencies, enabling users to store, spend, and send their assets, and more.

What about Denaro Debit Card? It is also a central part of Denaro ecosystem. It is a kind of physical debit card used to load cryptocurrencies (not only DNO but also other cryptocurrencies) and use them worldwide both online and offline.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Pre-ICO and Main ICO Sale[/infobox]

Pre-ICO sale for DNO is intended for early investors and contributors. The revenue of the DNO pre-sale will be used for developing Denaro platform and facilitate main token sale launching. 25 percent of the total number of DNO tokens are issued in this pre-sale that lasts for a full week. 25 percent bonus is given to investors and contributors who make a token purchase in the pre-sale.

A month later, the rest of the tokens will be offered in the main sale. Token buyers should at least contribute $10 in the main sale. Meanwhile, bonus starts from 25 percent and decreases with time. The main sale lasts for 35 days. Another bonus offered in the main sale is 3 percent referral commissions.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Denaro Token Distribution and Allocation[/infobox]

The company offers 100 million DNO tokens to be issued. The token revenue will be allocated for different needs. The biggest number is used to launch the crowdsale that takes 65 percent of the total tokens. Meanwhile, 20 percent of them is allocated for platform publicity and team and development. The rest of the tokens is allocated for reserved tokens, referral commissions, advisory board, and bounty.

Among the 100 million DNO tokens, 25 percent of them are distributed for pre-sale started from 30 January 2018. The pre-sale already ended on 6 February 2018. Their rest of the DNO tokens are being offered right now for the main-sale until 15 March 2018. All tokens are distributed safely through smart contracts.

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