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Docademic is a healthcare platform which app has been used globally by thousands of users from 20 countries. Besides, this platform also has an app intended for doctors that are generated with AI tools and social network.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Background of the Project[/infobox]

There is one crucial problem in the healthcare industry in related to the complex economic activity. It is the access to it. Although there are many hospitals with great facilities and services, sometimes, patients who need immediate care cannot reach the hospitals for some reasons and this can put the patients in a big problem. Therefore, the presence of digital healthcare is prominent. It helps patients to access healthcare quickly. Whenever they need to seek medical service, the platform is there.

Meanwhile, in order to make such digital healthcare works, there should be a feasible system to apply. Docademic combines blockchain and crypto-tokens to support the healthcare service globally.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Two Docademic Applications[/infobox]

The goal of Docademic platform is to provide the ultimate level of free basic quality healthcare and help any individuals to gain information and benefits of healthcare. In order to achieve its goal, Docademic develops two platforms in which one platform is for users and the other is for doctors. In creating the platforms, AI-assisted technologies are used.

The technology combined with decentralized blockchain produces simplicity of use. For example, you can connect with a doctor via Video Telemedicine with only a single click. Patients do not need to worry their privacy because all of their information is already stored and protected on a blockchain. The free Telemedicine service contributes a lot in healthcare service. The second app offered by Docademic is Docademic for Doctors. Both applications provide so many features such as doctors’ suggestions, real-time data reporting, AI-driven medical tools, and more.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]About Docademic Token (MTC)[/infobox]

Crypto economy has prompted a revolution in developing distributed infrastructure using crypto tokens. Their value and utility have been benefiting token holders in some ways. Docademic platform uses MCT that stands for Medical Token Currency, to accommodate all transaction in the platform.

MTC is the fuel for all Docademic platform’s services. There are at least three ways how this token is used. Frist, MTC can be used to pay for all services and products available on the platform. MTC is linked to the blockchain so all data can be securely put there. In addition, MTC is also used on the open market for trading. So, it can be said that MTC is open for either business or non-business entities. Therefore, the tokens can also be utilized similarly as other crypto tokens.

If you also believe that Docademic platform with its apps is a breakthrough in the healthcare industry and most importantly can benefit the users, you can participate in the token sale. There will be 350,000,000 MTC put on sale and you might be one of the token holders that buy the tokens. 1 token is equal to 0.000035 ETH. If you buy the tokens in their pre-sale, you can get some bonuses.

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