Elysian: Integrating Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality for Better E-commerce Platform


As a millennial generation, most of us tend to like everything that is instant, easy, and fast. Especially with the combination of the advancement of technology. E-commerce is an act of buying or selling products on online services or over the internet. With E-commerce, the fulfilment of our needs will be very easy and fast. Come along with the demand of e-commerce, the industry of e-commerce also quickly taking over the emerging market and be one of the most potential industry in the present day.

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like what has been said before, the industry of e-commerce quickly growing up, and many platforms have been created to fill the field of e-commerce. But, some problem is still facing the e-commerce platform and slowing down the progress of its platform: the security and user experience problem.

The company is proudly introducing the Elysian platform to overcome the problem on the existing e-commerce’s platform. Elysian is a platform that will be based on decentralized system and using the Ethereum blockchain to securing the user’s data, facilitating E-commerce transactions, and drastically change the user’s experience.

Elysian will also be combining the blockchain to increasing security of user’s data with the better user experience based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality.

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Its a common thing in the crypto world, that every platform have their own kind of token that will be used to make transactions and payments within its app, and so does with the Elysian platform. The Elysian platform has their own token that will be functioned as utility token.

The token can be known as ELYCOIN token or can be symbolized as ELY. ELY is built up based on ERC20 protocol which is deemed the industry of Ethereum standard, through Ethereum blockchain, all the transactions and transfers are performed transparency and completely decentralized.

the ELY token will be sold during the Token Generation Event. Beside to sell the ELY token, Token Generation Event also become a media of the company to add more features to the Elysian platform, build a following through targeted digital marketing and influencer marketing, pursue exclusive partnerships with high-profile retailers and manufacturers and expanding the team.

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One of the interesting features that enable in an Elysian ecosystem is the presence of Elysian’s Growth Pool. The company of Elysian is designing and creating this Growth Pool to promoting the engagement and interactions between the Elysian Team and Elysian’s User Community.

The fund that used for creating this growth pool is from the token percentage that allocated especially into this growth pool. The background of this features is because the company of Elysian see that generating community growth is an aspect that many companies inside the crypto world do not emphasize enough. And this condition makes several platforms that already established have a poor social media presence and supporting base, which makes the platform itself difficult to achieve healthy and sustainable growth.

The growth pool of Elysian is including the Elysian Forum. Elysian Forum is a place of the forum that will be used to improving the interpersonal relations. Elysian Forum also will be used as a means of communication for potential partnerships, future ideas for company expansion, and token utilization.

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