Essentia – Allowing Users to Fully Control Their Data


In the previous article, you read a bit about Essentia framework, particularly about its roadmap and the team behind the project. Here, you will know more about the framework.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Features[/infobox]

There are some features offered by the Essentia framework. First, it offers a modular feature. The framework will continuously expand to fit the users’ growing decentralized digital life. Users can simply add dApps, platforms, and wallets by just pushing a button. Second, the framework is scalable. It means that Essentia is able to support millions of users at the same time through the high throughput. Third, Essentia enables full data ownership. Users have the right to take the power back and control of their data. The data will be the property that they can freely control. Fourth, the framework is a kind of multi-chain. It can also be called as a multi-device. It is because it supports various kinds of blockchains including BTC, ETH, and many more. In addition, it can work in CLI, IOT, and many other devices. It is also all in one seed, meaning that it has numerous apps. With Essentia, your knowledge of decentralized web experience will be surely improved. Last, it is KYC and GDPR by default. So, both individuals and companies do not need to worry about the safety matters.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]User Benefits[/infobox]

Third parties or centralized markets are no longer necessary to manage users’ data as the Essentia framework enables the users to manage their data. Data here refer to users’ ID, data, wallets, logins, accounts, files, and so forth. These data are completely available and accessible via a trustable operating data environment. Users do not need to be worried about the security of the data since they are fully protected by blockchain-based system combined with cryptography. With the framework, users can directly interact with third-party regarding the access to on-chain and off-chain services securely. They also have the right to decide whether or not to share the data or information.

Their data are stored in a decentralized system in which the system itself is able to encrypt and maintain the data as well. In this way, the users can feel safe. The system ensures them that the data are secured at all times. Besides, it also keeps the users’ privacy because the stored encrypted data are not publicly connected with users’ IDs.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Token Sale Information[/infobox]

The presale of ESS token has ended since 30 April 2018. The allocated tokens for the presale were all sold out. The crowdsale or public sale will start from 7 June 2018 with the price of 1 ESS is 0.043 USD. It is suggested to keep an eye on the website for updated information related to the token sale. It will also be better if you join its Telegram as the latest information is usually informed from the social media.

ESS tokens have several functions within the framework. They are used as to secure the framework, incentivize the users, give reputation to the framework, and compensate for services or resources. Later, it will also serve as a generic exchange.

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