Essentia – Helps Users Operate their Data on a Trustless Modular Network


Previously, some information about Essentia such as the features and user benefits have been presented. It is clearly explained from the previous article that Essentia has a lot of useful features that can benefit its users. Next, you will learn about the design of the platform.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Essentia Design[/infobox]

Essentia is designed with a modular architecture to fit everyday use of both beginner and expert users. The architecture is destined to manage, scale, and organize its infrastructure to suit the custom, personal settings, or resource-intensive apps. The Essentia framework can be used in any Operating System, browser, and mobile platforms and on any desktops and servers. Moreover, you can have it virtualized, too, while enjoying the benefit of distributed computing. In addition, smart contracts can be integrated with other on-chain components due to hybrid solutions that this framework implements. The solutions serves as both modules and bridges supporting the on/off-chain operations and events.

The core of Essentia design is the ESS-ID. Its main function is to provide a high-security level for all interactions and operations performed by users. A wallet will control the ESS-ID. All components of Essentia including the users’ data are stored on decentralized storage and secured automatically. If users want to access them, they can do it on local storage. The local data then is synced with those on decentralized storage.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Main Modules Composing Essentia Framework[/infobox]

There are 30 main modules that compose the framework. Some of them will be discussed here. The first one is ESS-CORE. It is one of the most important modules. Without it, the ESS-ID cannot perform its basic operation. The second is ESS-CORE. It connects with the CORE to create and manage the Root-ID. Other modules are ESS-HOME, ESS-PAY, ESS-Pingpong, ESS-META, and many others. For detail information of each module, you can check via its whitepaper. In addition to the main modules, there are other additional components such as ESS-Keyware, ESS-EGGS, and ESS-SENSE.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Competitors of Essentia[/infobox]

The Key, Civic, uPort, and Remme are some of the platforms that are considered as the competitors or Essentia. Compared to those competitors, Essentia is still leading regarding the easier registration process. While the aforementioned platforms require centralized, app, email, or phone number to complete the users’ identities, Essentia doesn’t. In Essentia, what you need to do is just to sign in and verify messages. After that, you can use the platform from UI, command line, and any devices you prefer. Authorizations can be handled seamlessly without any problems. This is something that its competitor cannot do.

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