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Nowadays, there are plenty of fresh ideas including tools and services related to the social and technological landscape which keeps being developed. It results in much more options for users to choose from. However, there is a high cost for privacy, security, and the usage of personal data. Therefore, users need to rely on thrusting intermediaries or third parties that can ensure secured data and software environment. It seems to be a paradox to effectively give protection to users’ data and privacy.

The above issue can be solved by the power of blockchain-based technologies. However, these technologies are still not sufficient nor effective to be implemented unless users can proficiently interact with the technologies. Users need decentralized solutions with third parties services at no cost to achieve their freedom and privacy of their data and IDs.

Essentia attempts to make this possible for users through its platform. Here are the existing problems that Essentia will be dealing with.

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The main problems that users are facing at the moment are those related to insecure data management practices. Users’ data that include financial details, personal information, location, and many others, embody the biggest intrinsic value for ill-intentioned players and service providers. Currently, users are prone to several risks which come from their interaction with technologies. Besides, there are numerous possible threats caused by the combination of insecure data and the use of centralized resources and service. The threats can be in the form data leaks, scams, service interruptions, data breaches, theft, and privacy violations. Users have no power to control their privacy and data. In other words, they don’t have full control over their own belonging in the digitalized life context. There is no option but to rely on the potentially harmful, non-trustable, and insecure solutions that exist this time.

Tools and services available today lack of security and they are not designed to be user-friendly. As a result, users are not able to protect themselves and their data while having interaction with third parties. They have no idea of with whom and how the data is shared and used. Moreover, the environments where their data are stored and managed are not reliable.

Blockchain and decentralized technologies can help but not with an optimal result as they haven’t yet achieved a mature state. There are insufficient layers regarding blockchain based solutions that they still cannot effectively give users a positive, prolific, and friendly interaction. For these reasons, intermediate layers are necessary for users to connect them with decentralized resources and blockchain technologies directly, easily, and of course, securely.

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In order to address the aforementioned issues effectively, Essentia prepares a complete set of solutions. Essentia is the bridge that connects users directly to decentralize resources and through them, users will be able to fully control their digital life and data exclusively with traditional internet services.  Essentia provides a complete and flexible multi-chain framework that fills the solution gap of the current context. The final goal of the framework is to facilitate uses with a full set of decentralized solutions which integrate the chain system and resources or services seamlessly. It protects users’ data and privacy via the user-friendly framework. Through the Essentia framework, users can choose to each publicly, anonymously, or pseudo-anonymously in dealing with their data. Users can decide with whom to share the data, where, when, and how the data is shared, and whether the data will be shared fully or only parts of them.

The trustable, secure solutions wrapped in a decentralized software environment provided by Essentia can work well with nearly all hardware and operations systems. Essentia offers opportunities to anyone to benefits from current and future technologies anywhere.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Essentia ICO Token Sale[/infobox]

We got information that the Essentia token (ESS) crowdsale will happen from 7 June to 7 July 2018. However, from its whitepaper and website, there is no information about the timeline or schedule of the token sale. The presale has ended and all of the tokens distributed for the presale have all been sold out.

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