Essentia – Solving Problems regarding Users’ Data Privacy and Security


Previously, you have learnt about the problems regarding the users’ data privacy and security that are currently happening. The solutions provided by Essentia Framework have been presented as well. In formulating and planning the solutions, there are experienced and skilful members.

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As it is a great project, Essentia team has many members. There are 3 founders, 20 members of technical and design team, 9 members of social and business team (they are still recruiting for more members), plus 6 advisors. Here we will only discuss the three founders as they are the most influencing members of the whole team. Let’s start with Matteo Gianpietro Zago. He is the project lead of the company. He created his first project in 2010. Started with a small budget, the project became very successful. Since then, he has continuously involved in and created many projects. He is also a part of the success of the Web 2.0 history.

Mirco Mongiardino is the other Essentia founder. In the company, his position is the Product Lead. He has extensive experience in creating data analysis in tech products. He is also excellent in media acquisition and data-driven marketing. It has been more than 5 years since he fell in love in Bitcoin. In addition to Mirco and Matteo, there is Vladimir Holubovych, the Operations Lead of the company. He started his business by making a viral advertising. Since then, he has been frequently involved in the online marketing strategies by the largest public TV stations in Italy. He began interested in blockchain in 2014 and he started to invest in some startups. His dream is to develop decentralized web so it becomes accessible to anyone on the planet.

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The roadmap is divided into three areas: software, hardware, and the public. The team has already made the roadmap for two years from 2018 to 2019. In each quarter of the year, the plan is explained in detail regarding the three areas. Essentia roadmap:

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Essentia token is called ESS token. It serves as an essential component of the Essentia Framework. As a token utility, it will be used frequently within the framework. For example, it will be used as a reward for positive and active users. Featured with governance rights and other features, ESS will hold an important role. It will be the main support of the Essentia ecosystem that will enable users to access and enjoy the framework easier and more convenient while at the same time providing suitable pricing, features, and services. In short, the token will contribute greatly in creating an effective decentralized network that remains fully operated at all times.

So, how can this token obtain? ESS token can be bought from ICO presale and public sale. The tokens for presale have been already sold while there are still available tokens for public sale. The public sale will be conducted from 7 June to 7 July 2018. Yet, the information is still not commenced through its website.

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