Eternal Trust: Key of Your Future’s Platform based on Blockchain Technology


As a millennial society that lives on the advancement of the technology, scientific, technology, digital, and progress, become things that very close to our life. These things also bring us a huge impact on how we see the life that we live and what we want to do in this life. And in this era, many people want to increase the duration of their lifespan.

It’s very possible to do, but the access to it still very rare and limit. And this is where the Eternal Trust will take a part, to be one of a potential key to reaching the future.

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the access to legitimate science-based methods that can increase the lifespan and be improving the life quality is still limited and inaccessible. Many of that technologies have not yet been approved by regulations, and unavailable due to ethical issues or need the additional research.

Eternal Trust is a platform where any person can devise their own product and services that they need for their well-being, where the research group can analyze the potential demand for their latest development, and where the customers can creating their own Smart Contract that will be ensuring the autonomous purchasing of future services.

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Like the other platform in the crypto world, Eternal Trust will need the presence of the medium of exchange or token that will be used to make all of the transactions and payment within Eternal Trust platform. The token of Eternal Trust can be known as ETT token. ETT is a utility token and built up based on ERC20 Ethereum Standard.

The ETT token will be available for potential platform users since March 22, 2018. The ETT token has a different function from the other token in another platform that makes its token very unique. Not only will be used as internal payments the ETT token also will be used, but also the power of ETT token to unlock the innovations and services development value.

ETT also will be facilitating the scientific progress in the directions that are highly required by most of the users and though enough to bear the high commercial potential.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Eternal Trust Roadmap[/infobox]

The technical program of Eternal Trust is started on April 2018. The company is started to design the global blockchain and the architecture of Smart Contract. And continued until May 2018, the company of Eternal Trust has held the public launch of the Ethereum-based data storage MVP application. The MVP is consisting the personal profiles for clients and provider of Eternal Trust, mechanism of dream decompositions, and the users’ registration logic.

Then, on June 2018, the company is distributing the Oracles System that will be addicting to the MVP system. This process is continued to the July 2018, the company of Eternal Trust is starting to integrating with the other blockchain and autonomous file system added.

Then, on October 2018 more than hundred experts registered as the Oracles on the Eternal Trust platform. And after that, on December 2018, the company is starting to integrating the Artificial Intelligence inside the Oracle system and become the “Dreams Execution Flow” scope.

This integration is continued to further development by the company and finally, on June 2019, the company will be launching the first batch of crowdfunding campaigns based on Eternal Trust’s Smart Contract Ecosystem.

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