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In this modern era, it’s very necessary to managing our financial assets. And Cryptocurrency, become one of the most popular choices for most people to manage their financial assets. Come along with blockchain technology, these two things become such a massive technology and remain the most disruptive and revolutionary technology in this century.

However, despite all the advantages and the progress, entering the crypto world still become difficult things for some people especially for cryptocurrency beginners. And this is where the Fixy Network will take a part.

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Some basic problem such as limited, under unitized, and exceptionally volatile become problems that still blocked the progress of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology itself. And there is a need to solved this problem quickly. The company of Fixy Network is proudly presenting the Fixy Network.

In a simple word, Fixy Network is a form of a platform that based on blockchain technology that will facilitate and help all the users of Cryptocurrency in ordinary everyday life. Both the cryptocurrency enthusiast or cryptocurrency beginners can be used the Fixy Network to entering the Crypto market easily than before.

Some important benefit like be able to monetize their Cryptocurrencies and being able to get paid in both Fiat and cryptocurrency when they are selling their goods and services can be got by all users when they used the Fixy Network. Besides that, Fixy also becomes such a trustable, transparency, fast transactions, and secure platform. All in one easiness inside Fixy Platform.

To operating Fixy Network, the company of Fixy already developing some key features that are very necessary to a Fixy ecosystem. There are Fixy Gift Card, OTC trading, Store finder, private and commercial marketplace, and Smart Contract including free messaging service.

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Like the other platform in cryptocurrency world, the Fixy network also needs the medium of exchange or can be known as a token to make the transactions within its app. The token of Fixy can be known as FXY. It’s a utility token and will be useful to paying when they want to enter a Fixy network, or to be used to purchasing advertisement space on Fixy platform, and to make purchases.

The company said, to prevent the inflation, and to maintain the steady rise in the value of FXY token there will be no additional token when the total supply of the FXY token is sold out. The total supply of FXY token is 100.000.000 FXY tokens.

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As a project that is intended to help many people, Fixy network has some benefit to all the users: First, The Fixy app will providing the shortcuts for all the crypto beginners to entering the crypto world and of course, it will be very helpful for them.

Second, The Fixy app will be allowing the companies and ICOs to reach more customers, brands to sell more, and get paid in both currency and FIAT. Third, the Fixy app will be developing decentralized peer to peer marketplace and decentralized OTC exchange. And the last is, by providing the Fixy Gift Card, Fixy will give the opportunity to all people to get into the crypto world without going through any unnecessary verification process.

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