FTEC: Trading Cryptocurrency Ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology


The popularity of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have reached its top. And there has been a significant increase of the interest of the broad masses in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in general. Many invention and development have been done in order to always improving the trading platform in the crypto world.

But, many services, bots, signals, academies, neural networks and other products for successful trading is separated from one and the other. And this makes the company of FTEC have the idea to combine all these tools and make a complete ecosystem of crypto trading into one platform.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]What is FTEC?[/infobox]

The existing tools that will be used for crypto trading are separated from one and the other. And the company of FTEC brings an idea to make a platform that can be combining the tools for crypto trading.

Basically, FTEC is a form of intelligent services and neural networks ecosystem for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency market. And FTEC also created with the mission to reducing the number of unprofessional traders.

The ecosystem of FTEC is providing complex of 15 original solutions for boosting the user’s sales efficiency, saving more of user’s time, help the users to studying the specifics of crypto trading, improving user’s trading strategies, minimalizing the risk of the trading activity, and to receiving the latest trends in the industry.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Meet the FTEC Token[/infobox]

It’s a common thing then crIt’so the world, that every platform has their own kind of token that will be used to make transactions and payments within its app, and so does with FTEC platform. The FTEC platform have their own token that can be known as FTEC Token.

Not only to make the transactions within FTEC platform, FTEC token also have two main function that differentiate it with other kind of token. The FTEC token can be used to soling the fundamental problem of FTEC itself and will be used to give the token holders certain advantages.

Before launching the official token sale, users who wants to receive tokens, the company will held a campaign to presenting the FTEC token’s mission. This campaign will allowing the company to determined the level of people’s interest in the future project of FTEC. 

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The FTEC’s Roadmap[/infobox]

The journey of FTEC is begin on early 2017. On July 2017 the company starting with the ideology, teambulding, setting up the technical task, architecture development for coinbot.club database. Continue untill November 2017, the company creating the new logo of FTEC and redesign it. After that, the company is creating a coinbot.club blog, algorithms for intelligent trading modules. This process is continued untill last 2017.

Entering 2018, the company is start to connecting the Binance API, and Yobit. Then creating a support department for FTEC on January 2018. On February 2018, the company is updating the payment system and fixing the bugs. On April 2018, the company is doing the pre-sale, interview sessions, and advertising campaign.

The development of FTEC will be doing untill it reach the last stage of the roadmap, on March 2019.

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