Global REIT – Blockchain based Sharia-compliant REIT that Revolutionize the Real Estate Markets


Previously, you have met the team and seen the roadmap of Global REIT. The team is working on developing the platform so it can function well in issuing assets and distributing dividends to investors. The platform, at its core, have three main components as explained below.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Platform Components[/infobox]

The first component of Global REIT platform is the Asset Management Module. It serves as the infrastructure of the platform built on the top of Ethereum network. It has Fund Manager where assets owners can register their assets. The assets that can be listed for wider investment opportunities in the platform. KYC compliance is fulfilled along with deep background checked by evaluators prior the property listing. Investors are offered a wide range of assets will their information listed including the hold intervals, a minimum amount of investment, exchange rates, and many other. With the comprehensive details, investors can find the best deal of investment, thus unlocking a new wave of prospective investment. In short, the asset management module is a multipurpose module dealing with all assets listed on the platform allowing end users to be comprehensively informed about the values, listing, and market trends of every asset. In addition, it also helps executed the mart contracts. It can be said that this module is the most important part of the platform.

The second one is the transaction module. Its primary function is to handle all interface calls and API. Moreover, the module helps validate transactions with the other two modules. It deals with all central business logic and participants in the entire ecosystem.

The third component is the compliance and security module. As a completely safe and secure platform, there should be a module that serves users 24/7 for investors and asset owners so they feel safe in doing any transactions. This is the main task of the compliance and security module. It performs in-depth and systematic industry standard checks and balances to ensure that there is no fraud in the system. Furthermore, it also ensures trustworthiness, uptime, and threat deterrence in the system.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Token Utility[/infobox]

Those holding GREM and GREM are eligible for access to all assets of Global REIT. Token holders who have at least 5k GRET or GREM tokens can stay every year freely. Moreover, they can join Loyalty programs and get the opportunity to earn reward points. Another utility for token holders is that those having 100 thousand tokens are able to sell their assets to the platform and come into the crypto domain of the liquid market. The tokens can be obtained from the open market or Fund Management.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Token Sale and Its Utilization of Proceeds[/infobox]

The public sale period for both GREM and GRET is from 1st to 30th June 2018. The funds raised from GREM sale will be utilized for team compensation, sales & marketing, and expenses for administration, legal, and audit. Meanwhile, the funds generated from GRET sale will be allocated to fund 22% of the total acquisition cost of its 1st AUM and to settle of the 1st asset acquired by the platform.

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