Global REIT – Enabling Investors to Deal with Global Real Estate Markets Seamlessly


Global REIT offers investors a straightforward and convenient way to enter global real estate markets. From the previous article, you have learned how Global REIT integrate blockchain tech into traditional RITS to propose the solutions to overcome the problems regarding the barriers to entering the global real estate markets. In order to achieve its vision to revolutionize the global real estate market, Global REIT already created a timeline as described below.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Roadmap[/infobox]

The roadmap started in November 2017 when the team developed the concept of the platform. Two months later, on January 2018, the company was created followed by the blockchain development on February 2018. During May and June, the company will be throwing pre and public ICO. The next plan will be expanding the expanding the acquisition of assets in U.A.E. and UK.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Future Growth Plan[/infobox]

Global REIT will grow its assets acquisition in some different strategies. The asset portfolio will include malls, warehouses, hotels, commercial properties, and many others. Not only is it diverse in term of assets class, but it also diverse regarding the geographical location of the assets. The purpose is to omit the risk portfolio risks caused by global unpredictable macroeconomic conditions. GREM have appointed an independent investment community that will evaluate the potential real estate assets to create maximum benefits for its token holders.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Team[/infobox]

The management team of Global Reit consists of 6 members. The founder is Ali Tumbi. He is a passionate entrepreneur who has led lots of successful businesses. He is known to be a great leader that can solve problems quickly even in a complex situation. Ali works with some other experts. In the business operation area, there is Paul Christodoulou that holds the position of COO. He has extensive experience in real estate sales in Dubai for more than 10 years. His dream is to provide the latest resources and tools for people who want to sell or buy a home. From the finance side, the company has Behzad Khan. His expertise in Financial and strategic planning is undoubted. He has over 18 years working on Real Estate development financing and funds management.

From the technology side, there is Babar Ahmed. He has developed many startups. Now is focusing on disrupting blockchain apps. Muhammad Waseem who is fluent in a wide range of programming tools and languages. Another blockchain expert in the company is Last but not least, there is Vijay D. Vyas, who is the Director Acquisitions. He is the expert on IT focusing on merchant banking and industrial management on an international scale. For your information, he is also the youngest President at Reliance.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]ICO Sale and Distribution[/infobox]

As mentioned in the previous article, the Pre ICO of GREM and GRET Tokens is now live! The closing date will be on 31st May 2018. 57,857,143 GREM and 12,150,000 GRET Tokens are supplied for this Pre ICO. From 1st June – 30th June, the public ICO will be carried out. For this sale, 21,428,571 GREM and 4,500,000 GRET Tokens will be available.

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