Helbiz: A Car Sharing Revolution Based on Blockchain Technology



The popularity of Helbiz as a platform with an exceptional revolutionary concept is greatly increasing. The platform incorporates blockchain technology in facilitating users for vehicles rent. This unique idea has caught great attention in all in the crypto world as well as in vehicle rental business. Supported by high-end service, great development team, and promising prospect, it is no wonder that this platform has attracted anyone’s attention. The company is the pioneer in incorporating blockchain technology in vehicle rent industry.

However, there are still some people, those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency trading, who are questioning about the advantages of making an investment in Helbiz and why they should care. That is why, in order to answer the question, it is important to first discuss further Helbiz and its ground-breaking project especially the goals and background of the project.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Brief Overview of Helbiz and Its Project[/infobox]

Helbiz is categorized as an ICO cryptocurrency that develops its ecosystem using Blockchain technology. Helbiz focuses the business on private vehicle rental. It enables people to rent the vehicle that they have without feeling insecure. Based on some research, it’s found out that car owners rarely use their vehicle. Averagely, they just use the car one to two hours a day. It means that the cars are left at parking area or at home for the rest of the time. Helbiz sees this as an opportunity to develop its platform. The adopted conventional system of vehicle rental business, Helbiz gives an opportunity for vehicle owners to make a profit instead of just letting the vehicle unused.

Helbiz realizes that this approach of car sharing is not without risks. Considering the risks, Helbiz tries to make use of Blockchain technology in Ethereum network.  This combination breaks some barriers that may occur in vehicle sharing industry. More importantly, it guarantees the safety of any transactions happens in the network.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Vision of Helbiz[/infobox]

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Helbiz intends to provide an integrated ecosystem focusing on the clients via peer-to-peer application equipped with a great mobility system. It ensures the platform to serve the consumers very well whether they are individuals or corporation. Companies who want to utilize technology for services related to mobility can benefit from Helbiz mobility system which is built on Ethereum Blockchain.

Due to the use of Blockchain platform, not only does Helbiz provides rental opportunity, it also guarantees a secure transaction.  Helbiz also uses a decentralized system that is not used by any other giant companies which are also classified in shared-economy industry. That is one of the downsides of a traditional shared-economy industry. When this system is promoted, all involved parties should be able to access any sources related to their business matter. This objective cannot be reached using the centred platform. The only technology that can do that is Blockchain. As the first and the only decentralized platform, Blockchain technology gives not only convenient accessibility but also valuable reward to individuals as well as to company authority.

This vision has a clear idea. It brings a great chance and reward for all parties involved in the system with no exception. The reward is given due to their contribution toward the mobility ecosystem. In this method, all parties are guaranteed the benefits not only for their contribution in the car sharing ecosystem but also from all data they have collected.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Objectives of Helbiz Project[/infobox]

The main goal of Helbiz is to tackle problems that are generally related to car sharing.  It reduces the risks as also decrease the transaction fee. By making use of the decentralized network, it is possible for Helbiz to democratize collaborative economy ecosystem. Specifically, Helbiz project is targeted to bring many different contributors into their platform to facilitate peer-to-peer economy sharing with transparency and accessibility as the highlights of the platform. Surely, Helbiz provides convenience and easiness for anyone involved supported by safe and reliable environment

In order to achieve all of the objectives, Helbiz designs a useful and user-friendly application that enables customers to choose a car or any other vehicles they like to rent. After choosing a particular vehicle, they can open the car with a key and start it only by using their own smartphone. It is very easy, right? These objectives will surely be achieved ensuring all parties that Helbiz has a brighter future ahead.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Helbiz Token & ICO[/infobox]

  • Token Symbol: HBZ
  • ICO Start: February 15, 2018
  • ICO End: March 4, 2018
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 8,000 HBZ
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accept: ETH
  • Soft cap: 5,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 62,500 ETH

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Helbiz Team[/infobox]

  • Salvatore Palella – Founder
  • Michele De Buono – General Advisor
  • Armando Calvosa – Co-Founder
  • Milos Citakovic – Co-Founder
  • Jelena Stojanac – Community Manager
  • Elia Fedorovski – Head of Growth
  • Nemanja Stancic – Head of Engineering
  • Jonathan Hannestad – Strategic & Creative Director
  • Nemanja Stancic – Head of Engineering
  • Elia Fedorovski – Head of Growth
  • Michael Coppola – Strategic Advisor
  • Stefano Ciravegna – Crypto Advisor

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Helbiz Roadmap[/infobox]

HELBIZ roadmap

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