ImmVRse – The 1st Decentralized VR Digital Video Platform


Nowadays Virtual Reality (VR) has been tremendously used in various fields like healthcare, tourism, and of course films and videos. According to Goldman Sachs, this VR technology will grow into 100 billion dollars industry in less than a decade. It is also predicted that in the near future there will be a set of VR headsets available in the very household. All of these result in the increasing demand for VR contents especially the 360-degree videos. This becomes a concern for ImmVRse so the company is trying to find a way to involve content creators and brands in one ecosystem where they can work together to produce quality VR contents.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Current Problems in VR Industry[/infobox]

YouTube, Facebook, and other multiple platforms have been known to use VR support. However, the platforms that they use lack content creators. This problem occurs due to some reasons such as the expensive price of the camera, and the lack of copyright protection, and 180/2D video domination. All of these decrease the contents available for viewers.

Other problems that are currently happening in VR industry include payment model and revenue generation. In many countries, users are restricted to legal regulations regarding payment. Therefore, the presence of decentralized payment model supported by blockchain is highly necessary. This is what ImmVRse is doing. Using blockchain technology, anyone in the ecosystem is able to deal with crypto payment. Sending and receiving money will be not a problem anymore as in the blockchain model, everything is easily handled using a web wallet.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]How ImmVRse Solves the Current Problems[/infobox]

In overcoming the current problems that are listed above, ImmVRse relies on blockchain technology. The blockchain is well-known as a digital ledger to store any transactions data with zero errors. Besides, ImmVRse will be fueled by Ethereum. The use of Ethereum and blockchain allow the platform to manage all transactions without the help of third parties such as arbitrator and any other external interference. In running the platform, ImmVRse focuses on four points: creativity, payment, revenue, and control.

Related to creativity, ImmVRse does more than just providing a general platform for common viewers. The platform also serves as a place where members of the community can discuss and produce quality online VR contents. The use of decentralized network surely can make it happens. Although all users within the platform are free to interact, there are smart contracts that control all of the agreements made among members.

Regarding payment problems, blockchain plays an important role to overcome them using the app. First of all, the blockchain technology results in a very low transaction fee. Furthermore, the time to proceed all of the transactions is very quick. Only in seconds, payment can be successfully transferred across the globe. The absence of third parties also eliminates transfer free. This will encourage content creators from all over the world especially those having problems with legislative restrictions to join ImmVRse network.

More importantly, ImmVRse platform benefits not only content creators but other users as well. For example, viewers who frequently use their IMVs (ImmVRse tokens) to interact with the app will also get some incentive. Where does the incentive come? It is from high-value content creators who pay a regular fee to sustain their content’s premium status. The balanced ecosystem will eventually attract more companies and advertisers to invest in the platform. As the platform is getting bigger, it will give more benefits to the ecosystem.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Pre ICO and ICO Launch[/infobox]

In order to further develop the ImmVRse platform, the company is planning to gather additional funds through ICO sales. As planned on the company’s roadmap, a private ICO sale will be conducted in April 2018 after the company gets some potential contributors. If you are interested in participating in the private pre-ICO, it is suggested that you contact the company directly via its official website. Also, it is important to regularly check the website as the private pre ICO date may change. In this pre-ICO sale, there will be only 10 percent of overall tokens issued.

The pre-ICO will be followed by ICO launch dates. However, the ICO sale dates have not been announced yet. There will be 100,000,000 IMVs released soon after the pre-ICO. ImmVRse set 20 million dollars as the hard cap that needs be reached in the sales.

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