Kickcity as the platform of social network


Kickcity as the platform of social network

As we know that we are living in a modern era where a technology is our necessary that cannot leave, and internet as the complementary of the technology its self. At this time Internet is not just to share our daily routine with social media, but with an Internet can be used as job field. Kickcity comes as one of business field. Kickcity is one of the platforms that used blockchain technology where it is the platform of the social network. As we know that the most of people in this world already know about social media, even many of them use social media as one of their past life. That’s why Kickcity uses this chance as the business from the social network. The business of Kickcity is supported by Kriptokoki incentive that base of the present, it’s called as Token KICK.

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Actually, kickcity is similar to Facebook because we can make our profile, event, group by our selves. Kickcity is the social network platform and marketing, wherein the other mean that Kickcity is a service of event management development and future marketing. The marketing system in this business use blockchain technology where it is the easy way for its users. The purpose of Kickcity is to collect the tokens utilities in Ethereum network.

Kickcity is the social network platform that uses a marketing protocol based on investment which token sale to support this business to running well. As the social network platform, Kickcity will make its user make a social event with community-based easily.

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On this kickcity platform, Token KCY will be allocated to gift-based marketing, where users will be able to click on the event when the campaign is launched, and smart contracts will provide unique links to their users. Then users can share those links to friends in their social media and if there is a conversion, they will get rewards. This happens because smart contracts can track all of the transactions, so they will automatically reward their gifts to their users transparently. Conversion or sale of tickets and registrations made by its users is purchased using a KCY token.

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As the business from Blockchain technology, Kickcity also uses ICO or token sale to support this business as well. KickCity token (KCY) is an intelligent ERC20 token that implements the Bancor protocol. and the KickCity Protocol is designed to run millions of events where each event is a subgroup with N participants. The activities of each participant and subgroup potentially benefit the entire system. It aims to succeed an event.

The rate of Token Kickcity or KCY is 0.10 USD per 1KCY, where the target of token sale is about 12.5 Million USD. Token kickcity or KCY will be launched on 1st of March 2018 at 9.00 a.m EST and will be closed on 31st of March 2018 at 7.59 PM EST. the user will accept bitcoin and ether. There is some type of bonuses from Kickcity, these are the bonuses of Kickcity; on Day 1 will get 15%, Day 2-10 will get 10%, day 11-20 will get 5%, but for day 21 – 31 will not get a bonus ( 0%).

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