KickCIty – Building Communities around Events


KickCIty - Building Communities around Events

Every minute, there is an event happening all around the globe. It can be a music concert, trade show, conference, product launch, and sort of. Organizing these events particularly promoting and marketing the events is not an easy task to do. KickCity is here to help with organizing events supported by blockchain technology.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]What is KickCity?[/infobox]

A long time ago, tickets for many events were sold offline. Due to the rapid growth of the internet, some years later, tickets were sold online. However, the management was still awful. KickCity is a social event platform focusing on building communities around events. The platform is enriched with unique yet functional tools that help event organizers to promote events and also help attendees to get informed about the latest events promoted. Users have to create a profile before making event promotion or enjoying personalized contents.

The company has set a decentralized protocol that enables event organizers to market their events much more efficiently than other conventional methods. The modern technology also helps organizers to achieve optimal events sold. Because it is a kind of social media platform, users of the network can interact with each other. Here, all parties involved in getting some rewards. Promoters are rewarded for inviting propel while attendees get loyalty rewards from the events they are attending.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]How Does KickCity Works[/infobox]

Each event that is created and promoted in the network has a market pool. The pool plays the important role for event organizers to place KickCity tokens (KCY) for rewards-marketing. There are smart contracts that regulate the reward distribution.

The illustration is like this. When event organizers want to promote an event, they need to purchase KCY from exchange market. If you don’t have KCY yet, you can use 10% of all tickets that are sold in order to hold a promotion campaign for the event and to make sure that all campaigns are reliable. Other users in the platform will see your events. Motivated by the rewards, they may want to promote your event to their friends. KCY tokens are used for all transaction within KickCity platform such as for marketing, promoting and other transactions.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]KCY Token Sale and Budget Allocation[/infobox]

Aiming at developing the platform, the company is selling KCY token starting on 1st March 2018. The price of 1 KCY is 0.1 USD. The crowdsale will target 12,500,000 USD for the hard cap. However, this hard cap target may change. There will be 160 million KCY tokens issued. KickCity accepts payment using Ethereum and Bitcoin only. Unfortunately, fiat currencies are not accepted yet. The earlier you buy KCY tokens in the crowdsale, the bigger bonuses you can receive. On the first day of the sale, token buyers are granted 15% bonus. On the second until the tenth day, the bonus is 10%. On day eleven to twenty, the bonus is only 5%. While on the last 10 days of the month, no bonus is offered.

The revenue gained from the KCY token sale will be used mainly for marketing the platform. It will take half of the budget. Meanwhile, 30% of the budget will be used for development and team. The rest of the revenue is to cover the administrative budget.

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