Kora Network – New Hopes for Underserved Users


It is inevitable that crypto payment has some restrictions and complexity that hinder underserved people in the society to easily access the services. The system is considered complicated. Common people find it difficult to understand the complex rules. In addition to the intricate system, they are also burdened by high fees to access the services. Even some of them do not have internet access and proper electricity to access banks and infrastructure. Of course, their situation makes it difficult to be involved in financial activities that can aid prosperity.

Concerning this problem, Kora network is creating an innovative ecosystem fueled by blockchain technology that aims to present quality services to all users. Within the ecosystems, users are offered low fees to access the services, technical support, and the ease of accessing the system.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]About the Kora Project[/infobox]

The project is mainly targeted to under-served people get some difficulties in accessing financial services due to lack of experiences and financial support. Therefore, the project can be hope for many underserved people all over the world. It opens the opportunity for common people to register as a member. There is no need to worry about having low income as these people have an opportunity to get viable services from the network.

The system of the platform is very user-friendly. It does not require any technical knowledge using the app. What is needed is a smartphone to install the app and internet connection. That’s all. After registering as a member, all users whether they are stakeholders, investors, and other parties can interact and have any transactions. Not only that, users can share knowledge too about a crypto digital market.

In order to provide the best services, the Kora team is trying to make some innovations that can make the platform different from others. First, they use a decentralized system to solve problems related to security issues. For extra security, smart contracts are used. Aside from protecting users’ data and information, the use of smart contracts is also to enable automatic updates.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Kora team[/infobox]

In order to analyze whether a new platform is reliable or not, we can take a look at the team behind the platform. Unfortunately, from the website and whitepaper, the profile of the team members are not explained in details. There is only the name of founders and advisors with their position in the company. Even so, we can tell the Kora team are all dedicated to finish the project and launch it to the public after the KNT token sale finishes. There are two co-founders of the company. One of them plays a role as a CEO, Dickson Nsofor, while the other, Maomao Hu, is the COO. There also four advisors from different expertise related to banking and cryptocurrencies.

Before creating the blockchain ecosystem, the team had already observed the market and gained response about the upcoming project. This was done to prevent the barriers that can hinder the development and the wealth of the relegated community. This is why the team created Kora Network ecosystem. Within the ecosystem, marginalized users will be able to transfer payments without any problems.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The KNT token sale[/infobox]

KNT will be used for all transactions made within Kora Network platform. In addition as a means of transactions exchange, KNT is also utilized to select block processes, pay block grants, and pay the fee for the transaction. Because of that, it is necessary for all users to own KNT tokens insufficient amount. You can buy the tokens from KNT token sale.

The KNT token sale will be available on March 5th, 2018 for public pre-sale. In this ICO offerings, the verification for whitelist members had been already done in February. Then on March 2nd, pre-sale will be open for whitelist members. Public also has a chance to contribute to the pre-sale that is on March 5th, 2018 and the sale will be closed on March 25th. There is a requirement for minimum contribution for the pre-sale. Everyone should minimally contribute 5000 USD. If you want to make a smaller contribution, the chance is to join the public sale that will be opened one day right after the pre-sale ends that’s on March 26th, 2018. For this crowd sale, there is no minimum contribution.

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