LocalCoinSwap: The World First Decentralized Exchange for Cryptoworld Market


Like we already know, in this era, the financial ecosystem has grown rapidly and revolutionising faster than ever. Moreover, with the advancement of technology and digital technology make that financial ecosystem is very progressive.

But, come along with that progressivity, the growth of financial ecosystem especially in cryptocurrency is filling up with the problem of the banking system. The existing peer to peer system still highly fragmented and very exclusive. In a simple word, the ecosystem of the existing banking system and peer to peer system has not user-friendly yet for all the users.

And this is where the LocalCoinSwap takes a part, to overcome the problem and fulfil the need of a user-friendly platform for a crypto ecosystem.

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Like what has been said before, LocalCoinSwap is built up with the mission to help all kind of user to enter the world of crypto world. LocalCoinSwap representing the basic system of assets exchange without reliance on the common institutions,  the Peer to peer trade system.

LocalCoinSwap will change the paradigm of a crypto platform from centralized system become a decentralized system. And with this change, LocalCoinSwap will be giving the market back into the hands of its users and giving them the access to directly trade any cryptocurrency by using any conceivable payment method in any geographical location.

With this kind model of infrastructure, LocalCoinSwap will cut off the gap in the crypto market, not only by offering a P2P exchange for all crypto users but also by tokenizing ownership of the exchange itself into the hands of its users through the world Cryptoshare system.

With this cryptoshare system, all the traders on the ecosystem allowed to take the ownership in the platform they are trading on. Like what the whitepaper of LocalCoinSwap said, despite the straightforward nature of this concept, LocalCoinSwap is the first ever implementation of an exchange where the profits are distributed entirely through the smart contract Cryptoshare system with the initial launch planned by August 2018.

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LocalCoinSwap introducing Cryptoshares as the model of exchange. And it’s not like the existing model of ICO tokens. Besides that, the Cryptoshares also giving the chance to all users to make decision-making processes such as a listing of new tokens on the exchange, the direction of new business ventures and design consideration or functionalities for the platform.

By introducing this Cryptoshare model, the company of LocalCoinSwap hope that LocalCoinSwap can be more than just a stream of dividends, but more than that, by investing we can become an integral part of the future exchange itself.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]LocalCoinSwap Token[/infobox]

Like the other platform in the cryptocurrency world, the LocalCoinSwap platform also needs the presence of tokens that will be used to make transactions within its platform. The token of LocalCoinSwap can be known as LocalCoinSwap token or LCS. Its a utility token and built up based on ERC-20 Ethereum standard.

One of LCS will be equal as 0.40 USD. The total supply of LCS is 100.000.000 but the amount which available for pre-sale is just 70.000.000 token. The company said there will be no additional token after all the token sold in the ICO.

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