MPCX: Digital Financial Services based on Blockchain Technology


As a human being, it’s a proper thing if we have the desire and the effort to always manage our financial life. Its just because we want to achieve our wealth goals and to live with prosperous. But, it’s not an easy thing to manage our assets. We have to think clearly and considerating carefully where and how we can manage our assets. And this is why the Company of MPCX is proudly presenting the MPCX platform.

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Like what has been said before, it’s not an easy thing to manage our assets. The Company is offering the MPCX platform to answering the market demand for financial services platform. Basically, MPCX is a form of a digital platform that based on Blockchain technology that drive the financial services.

MPCX will be based on Ethereum blockchain and has the potential to significantly disrupt the banking and wealth management landscape.

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Like the other platform in cryptocurrency world, it’s very necessary to have a medium of exchange that will be used to make transactions within its ecosystem, and so does with the MPCX platform. The token of MPCX platform will be known as XDMC token.

XDMC token is a form of utility token that will be very functional to all users of MPCX platform. As a platform that based on millennial principals, MPCX’s team is strongly believe that each person can make their contribution to the mutual well-being of a community and also will be rewarded based on their contribution, and one of the functions of XDMC token is for rewarding the users of MPCX or the token holders for their contribution in the development of MPCX platform itself.

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It’s not an easy thing to make such a great project that expected to help and become the solutions for many people all over the world, and if we want to do that, definitely we need the super team to executing the mission of the project. And so does with MPCX. The team behind MPCX is divided into two sections: the core team, and the advisor’s team.

The core team of MPCX has consisted of two member that has different experience and expertise one with another. The team is being led by Iurii Riabykin as a founder and CEO. He is already known by his outstanding experience and expertise on investment and financial market. Beside him, there is Phil Millo that act as the voice of the core team and also as a founder. He is highly experienced entrepreneur, financial professional, crypto structuring, and portfolio constructions expert.

After that, there is also advisors team behind MPCX project. The advisor’s team consists of four members and has different experience and expertise one with another. The advisor’s team is being led by Alex Kozak. Besides leading the advisor’s team, he also acts as the co-founder of MPCX project. He is already known as legal advisors and has high expertise on intellectual property lawyer and investor. Alex Kozak is lead another three-member that have high concerned about advisor’s problem and experience in advisor’s skill.

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