Obizcoin : Solve the challenge faced by more than 80% of Startups & SMEs


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Obizcoin is an offering from parent company Your Retail Coach (YRC). Your Retail Coach provides business management solutions for Startups & SMEs, founded in 2012 out of Pune, India. Your Retail Coach’s management services helps its clients to develop their internal as well as external business processes i.e. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), implement them by aligning the team, integrate processes with their ERP & audit the operational performance of the organization.

Obizcoin is developing World’s First Smart Process Management BOT based on AI & Blockchain Technology. There are 02 major challenges that every Startup & SME business owner faces, namely, Finance & Operations.

With Obizcoin, we will streamline the operations of Startups & SMEs wherein we will ensure that the owners are least involved in daily operations and can concentrate on business expansion.

Obizcoin aims to solve the challenge faced by more than 80% of Startups & SMEs i.e. “Business Management”, which is the biggest reason for failure amongst these businesses.

Obizcoin’s decentralized platform helps in designing the business processes, allocating the team, monitoring their progress, rewarding the team and upgrading the processes. All of these services are imparted through the best technologies of the future, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Business Process Management[/infobox]

Excellence in business Process Management can be achieved by developing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for organization. Standard operating procedures are a set of instructions that address the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY AND WHEN of an activity. SOP defines the responsibilities, authorities and reporting structures for every hierarchy within the organisation.

BOT categorizes the organization according to size (Startup, Small Scale or Medium Scale) & the Industry (Eg. ECommerce, Apparel, Jewellery, Luxury Goods, CPG, Healthcare, Education etc.). BOT not only develops the processes but also helps in implementation.

Implementation includes allocation of team to carry out the processes, allocation of tasks to the team, monitoring the progress of the team, rewarding the team and upgrading the processes. Obizcoin will integrate with API with various ERPs like SAP, Tally, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle etc. & many more.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Operational Risk Score Analysis[/infobox]

One of the key features of Obizcoin BOT is its Operational Risk Score Analysis obtained by unique risk score algorithm, which is a comprehensive score of businesses which shall be helpful for SMEs, Startups and Investors to find the following,;

Degree of Process Implementation within the organization, Measure the team performance across the organization Organization’s Strengths & Weaknesses It not only determines the score but also an analysis report of the following: Top Scoring parameters like processes/departments/employees/cost centres etc. Weak Scoring parameters like processes/departments/employees/cost centres etc. Strategies for improvisations.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Third Party Services[/infobox]

One of the major beneficiaries of Obizcoin BOT would be Business Process Consultants. Obizcoin decentralized Application shall act as a platform for consultants to deliver their services. They will benefit by developing their client processes on this DApp.

Many consultants spend anywhere from 5 hours to 20 hours per week just auditing whether their clients have been following the processes they have suggested or whether there is any deviation of omission of any process.

Obizcoin will put an end to this practice and cost reduction will be potentially enormous. Audits will become much more analytical, automated, regular. Obizcoin BOT will be one of the most welcomed solution by Business Management Consultants.

Consultants spend hours checking and assimilating reports from various softwares. Obizcoin BOT shall help them connect these software APIs to BOT, which in turn will process and extract important information & provide them accurate reports.

With Business Consultants using BOT Application, their deliverables will have an edge over one-to-one consulting, in terms of speed, data management, process monitoring, process upgradation and much more. These services can be bought by Process Consultants from Obizcoin Application only through OBZ Tokens.

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