Opiria with PDATA Token: Protect Your Personal Data


Protect Your Personal Data

People who are involving in digital economy transactions whether they are traders, investors, buyers, etc., are already aware of the importance of protecting their personal data. Therefore, the demand for a crypto platform that is able to give ultimate protection is increasing. Opiria is one of the new platforms that functions to highly secure any data privacy. The platform works by utilizing PDATA tokens that offer various benefits to the platform community.

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TheOpiria Project Roadmap

Actually, Opiria has started its business for about 3 years. In July 2016, the company was founded. However, the launch of the platform was done a year later. In September 2017, the team localized the platform for China followed by building partnerships in several marketplaces with around 50 users using the platform. At the moment, the company is working on the private sales. In April 2018, the company will conduct PDATA Token Generation Event. After the TGE, the company will focus on the development of the personal data acquisition modules. This will include the design and expansion of many kinds of modules such as the ones for web-surveys, clients profile, online purchases, social media, and a module for PC/laptop that will be completed in March 2020.

Meanwhile, related to the blockchain development, the Opiria platform will start working on peer to peer data trading system in August 2018 followed by integrating blockchain technology into the Opiria platform. At the end of the year, MVP development is scheduled so right in the beginning of the year, the platform can be tested. If it goes well, in March 2019, the Opiria platform will be launched.

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In running the project and developing the company, Opiria has core team members with excellent track records helped by other team members with various backgrounds in technology, finance, and business development. All of them have years of experiences on working for startup projects and companies. The founder and CEO of the company are Dr Ing Christian Lange. His expertise is in mechanical engineering. He is also known for a successful entrepreneur of software sector. There is also Marlene Gagesch which becomes the co-founder and CTO. She is the master of computer science with specialities in database design, and software architecture. She has worked in various software development companies since 2007.

In addition to the core team, the company also has a special team that works with software development consisting nine developers. Moreover, there are also ten members of board advisors who have different specialities, experiences, and educational backgrounds.

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There will be about 750 million PDATA tokens created for the TGE. The price of one PDATA token is $0.1. The sales of the tokens will be divided into three parts. The first is the private sale. The sale has started and it will end on April 9th, 2018. However, if you participate in this private sale, you should buy the tokens minimally 50 thousand USD. The good thing is that you can earn 50% bonus on the token purchase. After the private sale, there will be the pre-sale opened for public starting on April 10th, 2018. It will last until April 20th. However, the closing date depends on the cap itself. If the cap is reached, automatically the pre-sale will end. If you spend more than 5 thousand USD to buy the tokens, you will earn 20% bonus.

The public sale is scheduled on April 21st, 2018. However, it can start sooner if the cap of the previous sale has been reached. The closing date will be on May 21st, 2018. You still have a chance of getting a bonus in this main sale. It will be 15% bonus for the first day of the sale and the bonus will decrease by 1% each day. It means that on the last day, there will be 0% bonus. There are some different cryptocurrencies accepted to purchase the tokens such as ETH, XRP, and BTC. The PDATA tokens will be sent through ETH wallet. So, all participants should own the wallet. The sales can be joined by most countries residents although there are a few countries that apply specific regulation that restrict their residents to contribute to the sales such as China, Hong Kong, Syria, and Libya.

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