Proposed Solution in Data Sharing by RepuX Protocol


Today, the RepuX Protocol has offered a new breakthrough and solution in technology fields. In particular what the RepuX offer are two things. The first is data sharing among multiple actors including data collectors, data users and the application developers. The second is value data creation opportunity that has not yet being available nowadays in current marketplace. In its level framework from, the RepuX allows various immutable data types being exchanged and commoditized among the actors including the corporate. This way, the RepuX has proven how beneficial it is. In its operation, the RepuX combines several decentralized technologies in order to create custom high throughput Blockchain in upgrade version.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]RepuX Solution in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence[/infobox]

Data creation has continuously taking place at dramatically increasing pace where every data has value. However, the large corporate entities are now having the control of the data use, collection and distribution. Therefore, the large corporate entities are the ones who gain benefits from the very rapid growing rate of the investment in artificial intelligence. According to the data, the market of AI development is doubled every two years. And like we all know that the AI has big potential to change many economic aspects significantly.

In the last few years, the machine learning capability with AI field has also enormously increased. When decentralized access to data is combined with machine learning, the result is the opportunity to industrialize the decentralized data based applications. However, there is one drawback, the fact that the machine learning can only create models that are only based on the data fed into the models since it uses past data to build knowledge. Here is where the RepuX protocol offers a solution, an elimination of digital divide between those who have and don’t have access to machine learning data.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]RepuX Solution for Big Data[/infobox]

We know big data as large datasets collected by organization or business. These data sets are in particular known as by products of operations happening day to day. As for the data sets, it can actually be anything such as medical database containing information regarding illness diagnoses, location and time. What has been being an unfortunate fact is that most of the big datasets are not directly related to organization or business’s immediate operations so the datasets are often discarded and dismissed. In the meantime, other companies can easily use and monetize the data to gain benefits.

But there is still something missing from this process, the transparent and immutable data market with useful and reputable data to allow both entities and individuals for data monetization so anyone can be the one who makes and markets it to those needing the data the most at value and price determined by marketplace. This is the solution offered by RepuX protocol. So in the end with this proposed solution, users on anonymous basis can optionally sell the data to marketers.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]RepuX Solution for Trust and Transparency[/infobox]

In terms of trust and transparency, RepuX has another proposed solution. In this highly develop technological world, there have still many issues and challenges including in datasets sharing which is unfortunately lack of transparency and trust between the parties involved in the data transaction. As a result, a person faces difficulty in determining the well organization, insight and precision of specific dataset without assessing it before. Moreover over, there is also issue of lack of common platform in data transaction. When the issue is adequately resolved, there will be significant decrease in fraud rates. At the same time, it will enable the potential transactions of data across many industries including in micro loans, international trade and insurance.

Blockchain by design is resistant inherently to data modification as it comes as continuously growing records list which are known as blocks secured and linked with the help of cryptography. In each block, there is has pointer that works as link to previous transaction, timestamp and block. So, the blockchain can be open distributed ledger with capability to efficiently record any transactions happen two parties in permanent and verifiable way. In this case, the peer-to-peer network manages the process to validate the new blocks. And once the data is recorded, it will not be retroactively altered without altering all the subsequent blocks. Therefore, the use of blockchain by RepuX Protocol is considered ideal where transactional integrity and security are the paramount.

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