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Quantum1Net was first established in 2017. The goal of Quantum 1 Net is to create and sell to market secure data in computing communications. A number of services and solutions related to network security are served by this company.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Company Overview[/infobox]

Quantum1Net team believes in the power in innovation to create and develop technology so it comes more functional, relevant, and accessible. Thus the belief sets the mission of the company which is to produce an advanced technology that enables securing data in digital world. They bring an advanced technical innovation supported with a system that can be accessed by users to give critical security, ease of use, and safe feel.

Annually, the company will reinvest 20 percent of their income to develop the network security so that more people who have problems related to insecure data transmissions all over the world will benefit from that.  As a result, it will turn Quantum1Net to be a great and reliable research-intensive company.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Quantum1Net ICO Token Sale Schedule[/infobox]

The token sales are broken down into several times. The first token sale was done in the early of February. The objective of the first token sale is to provide fun for release the platform on January 2019, a year from now, as written on their road map.  Furthermore, the token revenue is also used to hire more experts as a part of the team as well as assist centralize development by May 2018 where the company will announce the limited launching of Quantum1Net. If you miss the first token sale, you can join the first token sale, you still have a chance to participate in the next token sale. The second token sale will be next July.

The special thing about the second token sale is that token sale introduces gold token. It also enables those who have bought a silver token at the first token sale to convert their silver tokens to the golden ones. Meanwhile, the third token sale will be next year, precisely on January 2019. The purpose of the token sale is to develop the platform further and expand the market to reach wider costumers. As a reward for investors who make an investment on Silver and Gold token, the company offers 5 percent discount for the next token in July this year. With these three times token sales, Quantum1Net is very optimistic that the fund target can be achieved.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Potential Risks of Token Purchase[/infobox]

Like other token sales, there are some potential risks faced by investors. Therefore it is better for them to understand the potential risks before deciding to make an investment in the project. The first risk is related to technological matter. There is no assurance that the use of ICO tokens is 100 percent free from a third-party attack although the nature of the platform is completely safe. The second possible risk factor deals with regulatory risks. As crypto currency and Blockchain technology are new in digital market, there are some parts including the acquisition of ICO tokens, which have not legally regulated.

In dealing with this risk, investors have to make sure that their contribution in the ICO project has complied with local regulations. Quantum1Net itself has the right to modify the tokens and their sale to meet with any new law regulations. Until the present time, the company believes that the ICO projects offer fulfil the current laws regulation and practices. Furthermore, related to the regulatory issues, it’s a must for all ICO token holder to fulfil their responsibilities to pay for any necessary tags.

Lastly, there are also economy risks faced by the investors and company. Economic condition will directly influence the success of the UCO target. Once you made investment you are considered to understand of all risks and accept them. Volatility in digital market will also give impact to the Quantum1Net token’s valuation. Volatility here mean instability of crypto currency value in the market.

To conclude, there are some factors playing significant roles such as technological, regulatory, and economic factors. In addition to those main factors, the ICO project are also influenced by some other factors outside the circumstance such as emergency state, war, and acts of nature.

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