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Cargo shipping is considered as one of the prospective businesses that will never die. The business has a quite complicated system involving a number of different parties. In order for the cargo to be delivered so it can arrive at its destination safely, there should be a perfect synergy in the system. Every day there are millions of tons of cargo shipped all over the world causing great mobility of trucks and other large machinery. This needs a particular management system to ensure that anything related to the complexity of cargo shipping meets any land-based transportation regulation.

The expense of this traditional way of cargo transportation is very high, equal to approximately 7 to 9 percent of a country’s GDP. Can you imagine that? In addition to the expensive expense, there is another problem related to national regulations that often slower the goods movement, triggering inefficiency of international cargo shipping.

Considering what’s happening, Quasa proposes new solutions and innovations using blockchain technology to overcome the problem. The detail of this digital crypto platform is explained below.

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As mentioned above, Quasa is a digital-based platform using blockchain that works in a decentralized system involving a various smart contract. The system is aiming to create an effective and secured cargo shipping via digital logistics technology. The platform is created by an association of reputable logistics companies in Russia and other states all over the world.

The idea of the project is to provide a technological solution in the logistics field. All parties involved in the project will get access to transparent interaction system. This goal can be achieved by using a decentralized platform that can assist all participants to earn significant benefits based on Quasa digital tokens.

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The project, in additions to provide solutions from participants involved in the logistics industry. The decentralized platform enables all of the users to keep track all transactions from the beginning until the end. This will create a trust among the members of the business. Meanwhile, the deal is also supported by a smart contract that is made based on the data stored in the blockchain.

Moreover, Quasa focus on giving the best protection so users can feel safe as the platform is able to reduce the risks that treat logistic shipping. The technology used by the platform also contribute a lot of advantages to the users. First, the platform has GPS technology that allows online tracking of the goods that are delivered. It eventually removes the risks of hidden damage.

The good thing is that payment can be made from anywhere. This something that competitors who use fiat currency does not offer. To sum up, Quasa is a platform that offers sophisticated technology yet is far from being complicated. This user-friendly platform offers numerous benefits to the users primarily due to its trustworthiness and security.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Quasa Token Information [/infobox]

As discussed previously Quasa incorporates blockchain technology in cargo transportation aiming to give some advantages for users that cannot be experienced in traditional cargo transportation. Using this platform, users are able to get the most advantageous offer, compare rates online, track your traffic, and request shipping online with a low rate. Quasa will determine the fee and carry it out in the form of digital tokens which are called QuasaCoins or in short you can call it QUA.

QUA will be used by all parties involved in the Quasa platform such as carrier, cargo owners, and skippers as the payment. There are things that should be understood by users before they purchase any QuasaCoins. First, the tokens do not provide the users with any voting or ownership rights as well as any reward for their investment and other kinds of provisions. Furthermore, the digital tokens do not have something to do with a government entity.

The pre-ICO token sale was on 15 January 2018 and it ended a month later. If you are interested in the project and want to participate in Quasa project by buying QUA, you still have a chance until 15 March 2018 where the ICO sale will end. 65 present of the revenue gained from the ICO token sale will be used to fund the platform services.

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