Quifas – Safe, Fast, Extremely Scalable Platform for Anyone


Quifas – Safe, Fast, Extremely Scalable Platform for Anyone

The number of users of crypto trade is always enormously increasing due to the high volatility of cryptocurrency market. The emergence of blockchain causes the growth even become more rapid. The exponential growth of cryptocurrency indeed should be seen as a positive thing regarding the development of the digital economy market. However, in another side, the increasing volume of trading demand is too sudden that cryptocurrency exchanges are not able to handle this situation. One of the current problems faced by the crypto market is hackers’ threat and scalability barriers. Meanwhile, these problems give impacts on traders as well as investors in a way that they have problems to register on crypto exchanges. These issues concern Quifas cryptocurrency exchange that they are trying to provide quality solutions to solve problems related to ineffective cryptocurrency trade.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Existing Problems of Crypto Market[/infobox]

There are many problems occurring in the global crypto market that every user should deal with. One of the prominent problems is related to withdrawal limits. Because of the limits, users find it difficult to transfer funds. The second main problem is delayed account upgrades. It often takes a very long time for most exchanges to approve users’ request for account upgrades. This becomes one of the serious barriers for users to get access to the crypto market.

In addition, there is also a problem about liquidity which makes the trade process become even longer than it should be. It eventually causes fluctuations of crypto value. It can be going up and down drastically that of course benefits investors and traders. The last but not least is a problem about the lack of multilingual support in most exchanges. The target of crypto trade is all users across the globe who speak different languages and not all of them are fluent in English. Most existing exchanges seem to be not anticipating this problem. There are no multilingual supports to assist users with better interaction.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Quifas Exchange Features[/infobox]

The aforementioned problems can be solved by exceptional features of Quifas Exchange. For example, users can benefit from unlimited withdrawals. This feature allows them to enjoy unlimited withdrawals after they verify the account that can be done in just seconds. The other crucial feature is the scalable infrastructure. With this feature, there will be no problem due to a large number of new users in the exchange. Although there are thousands of users, Quifas is committed to providing excellent customer support. The last but not least, Quifas provides a matching engine that can handle millions of transaction faster than any other exchanges could.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Quifas Token Sale[/infobox]

Quifas uses its own token named QFS. There will be 200 million QFS supplied for token sales in which the sales are aiming to collect funds for developing the Quifas exchange. QFS will be issued on ETH Blockchain with ETH wallets as the support. QFS give some benefits to token holders in a way that they can use the tokens to buy another cryptocurrency without no trading fee. Whether you want to purchase ETH, BTC, or other cryptocurrency using QFS tokens, there is no need to pay an extra fee.

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