Qurrex: Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange combining Centralized and Decentralized System Exchange


Like we all already know, the crypto economy has been remarkable growth since it first invention. All development and improvement have been done to expanding its market. But, a paradoxical situation also comes with that expansion. The centralized exchange that already establishes, and the demand of decentralized system that brings more effectiveness to all of the community users.

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Like what has been said before, Qurrex will combining the centralized system exchange or can be known as CEX with the Decentralized system exchange or can be known as DEX.

Qurrex is a platform exchange that will be based on high-performance architecture from the leading international trading platforms. Qurrex will be oriented to the advancement of the future. To be the first multifunctional hybrid cryptocurrency ecosystem, Qurrex will be combining a centralized industry platform with a decentralized blockchain protocol in which the centralized exchange will serve as one of the nodes.

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As a platform that based on hybrid architecture, Qurrex will also have some advantages that differentiate it from the other form of the platform in the crypto world. Those advantages are: First, it’s Highly secure, and high performance. Since the platform is based on hybrid architecture, Qurrex will be serving the users maximum security and maximum performance by an independent technical audit.

Second, Qurrex has an advanced interface that is highly customizable and comes with advanced API. To supporting its hybrid architecture, the Qurrex platform will be providing all of its users the advanced interface that also customizable, this part will help all users to boost the usability of Qurrex platform. Third, Qurrex can be a payments gateways for depositing and withdrawing fiat money.

Fourth, Maximum transparency for all users. As a hybrid architecture’s platform, Qurrex will be able to give maximum transparency for all the users through its independent audit, publication of financial accounts, and maximum formalization of all process. Fifth, user supporting. One of the advantages that will user’s get is fast and responsive multilingual user support operating 24/7. This user supporting is provided by Qurrex to help the users when they got trouble or something, and its services will be available 24 hours non stop.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Introducing the Qurrex Token[/infobox]

Like the other platform in the crypto world, Qurrex platform will also need the presence of the medium of exchange or token that will be used to make all of the transactions and payment within the Qurrex platform. The token of Qurrex can be known as Qurrex token. On Qurrex whitepaper the detail of Qurrex token is limited.

But, we have to know that the Qurrex token has a different function: when the token is used on a centralized exchange, and when the token is used on the decentralized exchange. When we used the token on the centralized exchange, the Qurrex token will have the function to: individual discount for paying commision fees accrued for organizing trades, be a medium for paying services and fees with other currencies, and a quoted exchange commodity, cryptotoken.

Meanwhile, when MTC is being used on the decentralized exchange the token will be functioned to be an exchange into different blockchain.

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