Savedroid – Simplifying the Ways of Investments


Savedroid - Simplifying the Ways of Investments

Savedroid known for its artificial intelligence (AI) saving technology is proposing a ground-breaking crypto ecosystem supported by AI that aims to improve the current system of crypto investing and saving. The AI fuelled system will give a number of exceptional benefits for users such as easy access to various cryptocurrencies and easy ways of making an investment without any technical barriers. The platforms have many advanced features that eliminate all difficult and stressful processes that exist today.

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In 2017, Savedroid were still focusing on fiat saving and investment researching users’ personal finance to keep optimizing their lifestyle with numerous app downloads. Right now in 2018, Savedroid is expanding the AI algorithm to enable savings in various cryptocurrencies with the absence of technical barriers. In 2019 the company will be able to assist untroublesome crypto payments and trading. Finally, in 2020 the AI algorithm will make it possible for the platform for conducting various smart investments

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In over 2 years, Savedroid has been an AI technology based growing platform with a number of great streams of revenue. Now that this company is planning to develop the platform to be even more advanced and beneficial, they invite potential investors to participate in the project. The additional investments play important roles in extending the technology used, hiring professional designers and developers as well as marketing offices, and creating participants’ growth. In short, investment is necessary to improve the overall performance of the platform.

Investors can participate in the project by purchasing ICO (Initial Token Sale) launched by Savedroid. This great opportunity offers investors a fast and transparent of ITS sale that enables Savedroid to the extent and develops the project efficiently. With the development, the investing features of the platform can be accessed faster without leaving any problems. The more users taking a part in the sale, the SVD will get higher value too.

The initial token sale also has a purpose to put SVD on token exchanges later. In this way, participants can benefit from this great opportunity because more users from all over the world can change their micro-savings effortlessly in cryptocurrencies. However, there are a few countries that are excluded from this plan because of some legal constraints.

If you are interested in the prospect of the project and want to participate in the token sale, save the dates. The first stage, which was the Pre-sale started in January with 30 percent bonus. There was 5 percent of all SVD put on sale. Now you still have an immense opportunity to purchase SVD in the main sale until 9 March.

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Investors might want to know the distributions of SVD in the ICO sale. Most of the SVD which is 60 percent of it is offered the pre-sale and main sale. Meanwhile, the rest of the percentage is only offered to internal parties such as business developers, advisors, and community managers. ITS participants who join Savedroid bounty program is also offered 5 percent of the SVD. Smart contracts will be used to lock all reserved tokens 1/20 per quarter.

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