Shivom – Build the Biggest Genomic Data-Hub on Earth


Shivom – Build the Biggest Genomic Data-Hub on Earth

The development of technology is always evolving. It gives impact to nearly all aspects of life including healthcare. Recently, the revolutionary technology in healthcare, genomic, is reaching its popularity. Genomic medicine can improve the knowledge and healing process of cancers, chronic diseases, and more than seven thousand rare diseases. Combined with blockchain technology, it will completely change the today’s healthcare into an innovative one in the future involving the world economy.

It is Shivom which will marry these two technologies, making the biggest transformation in the healthcare field. This innovation will help more people to access healthcare globally. Shivom allows everyone to have their genome stored safely and well-ordered. In other words, it offers an integrated solution for both genome data donors and patients in its ecosystem. It also benefits other parties such as researchers, governments, pharmaceuticals, and insurance companies in a way that they can have an open web-marketplace and add their services and applications.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Goal of Shivom[/infobox]

The Goal of Shivom

Shivom attempts to build the biggest genomic data-hub in the world. It benefits contributors because they can access their data and freely decide whether the data will be shared or sold. So, they have full authority for controlling their own genomic data. In offering the services, the Shivom platform uses some principles and is always stick with them. They are openness, collaboration, integrity, safety, and informed option. The team of Shivom anticipates the future where genomic data can be abundant. They try to improve health care so in the future it can be accessed by all people securely. The Omix ecosystem built by Shivom is believed to be able to realize the vision.

Supported by blockchain technology, the platform will open up investment in the evolving market for personalized medicine. In the near future, they plan to create a unique and non-profitable drug discovery and precision medicine institution. The platform will also incorporate the use of AI to the systems and services of healthcare all over the world. The blockchain is used as the base technology of the platform because it is proven than blockchain can address security problems related to data integrity and patient consent. In addition, blockchain can also solve data rights complexity.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Team[/infobox]

Shivom team

Shivom was established by some people. The first one is Dr Axel Schumacher. He is the CEO of Shivom. He has more than twenty years of experiences in leading numerous projects about Bio-IT, epigenetics, and of course, Omix. The next one is Per Lind who is the CSO of Shivom. He is good at making innovation and business strategies. He is also the advisor for many companies and government. Next, there is Gourish Singla, the COO. He has become the COO of four companies in the healthcare field. He has ever established a unit and gained more than 30 million USD from it, making him a successful entrepreneur. His specialities are in wealth management and investment banking. The other core members are Sally Eaves, Henry Ines, and Akash Gaurav who are blockchain experts.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Roadmap[/infobox]

Shivom roadmap

In December 2016, founders of Shivom started to design the concept of the healthcare ecosystem. It took almost a year after the company was ready to start the global roadshow which was done in August 2017. In March 2018, the company released the whitelist of the project. This April, Omix token sale will start followed by the establishment of Shivom Foundation. During 2018, the focus will be on building partnerships with some companies and opening web marketplace. Finally, in the first quarter of 2019, AI platform will be built.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]ICO Token Sale[/infobox]

Shivom token sale

At the moment the Shivom tokens (Omix) private sale is live. You can join the sale to be one of the holders of these hottest tokens of the year. If you are interested in making some contribution, you can go to its website. There you can find a form to fill out. You have to fill some information asking about name, email, country, and of course, the amount of investment. The minimum contribution is 100 ETH.

There are 3 billion Omix Tokens created but only 33% of them available for Token Sale. 1 Omix is worth 0.00014 ETH. The token sale will start from 16 April to 16 May 2018. The goal of this fundraising is 75,000 ETH.

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