Skyllz – A Revolutionary Way to Get Access to Work


Skyllz – A Revolutionary Way to Get Access to Work

The world is always evolving. There is an increasing demand for new-fangled and particular skill from the labour market resulting in higher competitiveness. At the moment, tangible labour skills such as problem-solving, leadership, team management, and solutions are what this-paced environment is looking for. You can showcase unlimited skills with the help of Skyllz by Workkola. This platform is aimed at assessing, validating, and authorizing human skills through a distributed, meritocratic, transparent, and integrated system.

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How the Platform Works

As mentioned previously, the job market never stops changing. What is relevant today is probably seen as old-fashioned in the future. It happens because technology is evolving not to mention the rapid change of marketing mechanism and new coding technologies. As a result, other things should keep up with this. If we still stick with traditional education, it will be very difficult for users to get validation for their skills. Therefore, the existence of a platform that can deliver rapid and robust skills is highly required. It is estimated that the market of educational technology focusing on skills sharing and acquisition will be exploded five years from now.

Skyllz has a goal to systematize and integrated skills validation that the users acquire through Ethereum Blockchain technology. Workkola, a verified talent branding solution has been incorporated into the Skyllz platform. It substitutes the use of traditional CVs. Nowadays, job applicants do not need to make CVs. Instead, they can use Skyllz and Workkola to prove their skills. Nowadays the team of Skyllz is working on assisting users to use an application that can track their self-development automatically. Users need to use Skyllz token namely SKT to access and have transaction within the platform. Using the utility token, users can get their skills validated.

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The platform is useful both for work seekers and companies. Via the platform, companies worldwide can post a week challenges in the form of online projects for talented students. The platform works with a kind of matching algorithm that helps students to find the right project for them according to the skill they have, their passion, and their career path. With this mechanism, students can benefit from the project in a way that they can have real-world experience working in some cool and authorized companies and earning some rewards. Thanks to the Talent Branding that allows this to happen, replacing the old way of getting access to incredible jobs out there.

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ICO Funding and Sale

The Skyllz Distribution Platform uses particular tokens called SKT. This token will be later on used for getting access to the platform. Therefore, ICO funding will be held to spread the tokens among users and to develop the platform. The utility token is based on ERC-20 standard. These tokens will be used by users to validate and certify their skills on the platform so they can be easily accessible. At the moment, Skyllz is holding a private sale intended for only accredited investors. Meanwhile, the ICO sales have not been commenced yet.

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