Skyllz and Workkola Helps Validate Your Outstanding Skills and Ability


Skyllz and Workkola Helps Validate Your Outstanding Skills and Ability

During the last ten years, technology has been accelerated in various sectors including in education field, primarily in work recruiting. This time, labour market uses new coding technologies, particular marketing techniques, and other innovative technologies that traditional education does not offer. The labour market today does not need a list of personal details, experiences, and education background as what CVs show. What is needed today is simply a proof that the candidates are able to do something. Skyllz cooperating with Workkola comes up with a new-fangled idea to help users to show their skills through joining challenges offered and created by companies.

Workkola has offered solutions in proving outstanding abilities for more than a couple of years. They name the solution Talent Branding. It replaces the old way of showing skills and ability in the form of CV. Now, CV is no longer the trend. Instead, Talent Branding is what matters. It contains metric mechanism with a human-centered system that validates both soft and hard skills.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Team of Skyllz[/infobox]

The Team of Skyllz

In achieving the goal, which is to build a skill-validation protocol, the company is supported by excellent team members. Let’s start with the founders of Skyllz. There are three founders of Skyllz. The first one is Alvaro Mancilla Moreno. His speciality is in market research but he is very passionate about technology. He is the founder of and has been working at Workkola for more than two years. The other founder which is also the CTO is Jesus Chacon Avila. He graduated from computer science and he is an expert of blockchain technology. Antonio Negrillo Roman is the other founder which is also the CMO. Together, the three co-founders lead a great team consisting UI designers, business developers, and HRD physiologists.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Project Roadmap[/infobox]

The Project Roadmap

Actually, Skyllz has started working since 2015 where at the time the company implemented a pilot project in Boston, USA. Alpha version of the project was also released following the pilot project implementation. In 2016, Skyllz started cooperating with Workkola. In the same year, they also accelerated Bootcamp program. In 2017, Skyllz released the full version of the platform. Entering 2018, Skyllz started to conduct SKT Private-Sale. The sale is scheduled from February to March. After the private sale, the team will plan the development of Workkola and Skyllz. The Public pre-sale is scheduled in June to July followed by a public main sale that will be run from July to August 2018.

Next, in the fourth quarter of 2018, Skyllz will integrate its SDP platform with Workkola followed by the launching of Workkola version 4.0 at the end of the year. During 2019, the company will be focusing on implementing and testing the newest version of the platform so that the full version of SDP can be launched at the beginning of 2020. That’s the roadmap for the project. Until now, the project has progressed as what it is planned based on the roadmap.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]ICO Token Sale Information[/infobox]

Skyllz uses an ERC-20 utility token named SKT. Along with the SKT, other two important elements also include the Ethereum protocol. They are Skyllz smart contracts and the mechanism of proof-of-skill ratings. The major function of the SKT tokens to reward the raters of the network. Moreover, the tokens will be later used by users and other parties who use the platform’s services. At the moment, the team behind the project is working on planning some partnerships with other startups or companies so there will be more users who need the tokens.

The Vision of SKT in the long-run is to empower the economies of other apps in which every of the app can create their own business model utilizing the SKT tokens. In this way, the tokens play important role in expanding the company. Until today, the information about the details including the date of ICO sale has not been made available to the public. There is no way to know that information. It is known for its official website that the private pre-sale is already open but it is offered only to accredited investors via whitelist program. We need to wait for the official information for the public sale. Relying on the website is probably not enough. It is also highly recommended to follow its social media.

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