SocialCxN: the New all-in-one platform for All Content Creators


SocialCxN the New all-in-one platform for All Content Creators

The Marketing Industry has become one of the most potential industry sectors of the market today. Although the existing features in marketing industry already give enough facility for all participant, there is still some weakness that makes the existing marketing industry have to adopt the new technology in order to improve their transparency and efficiency.

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Introducing SocialCxN

The ecosystem of marketing industry has never presented a program as complete as this.  The existing platforms facing some problems which should be quickly resolved, in the conventional system influencer marketing industry the participants become split and cannot make collaboration, low rate investment from the brands, unavailable recorded data for brand teams to evaluating and see the progression become problems that want to solve by SocialCxN.

The company of SocialCxN has formed a platform that is enabling the possibility for all brands and influencers to managing their needs within a secure, efficient, and transparency platform and based on blockchain technology. SocialCxN has been launched in July 2017 in the USA and until July 2018 has made some impressing progress by expanding their market to some country like Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

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The target consumers of SocialCxN are Brands, Influencers, Digital Agencies, and Influencers Agents. For Brands and Digital Agencies, the platform is giving some advantages such as approaching data-driven, providing self service by its productive features, cut the needs of a large number of e-mail, serving effective management, give the rates and reviews to help brands and digital agencies make intelligent decisions, and providing detail reports for them.

Meanwhile, for influencers and influencer agents, SocialCxN also give some advantages like the possibility to maintain our own ratings and reviews, providing ideas, enable to managing our own portfolio, and easy mechanism of payments. SocialCxN strongly believed that the key to the advancing trade is from transparency. SocialCxN will work hard to minimalizing the amount of irrelevant information to the community. SocialCxN will also be updating the progress of the progress regularly and per months so all the users can see their own progress.

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Sale Distribution

All the transactions within SocialCxN programs will be using the CxN tokens.  Its a utility token and based on ERC20 which means very easy to integrate with another Ethereum. The CxN token will be providing more securities, transparency, and automation of measurement and payments within SocialCxN platform. The SocialCxN token has been designed for all parties in Marketing industry such as brands and digital agencies, influencer and influencer agents, digital marketing professional, and general audiences. The token can be used for several activities through within the platform include payments, ratings, arbitrage decisions, rewards, feedback loop, searchability, content tagging, and more. With all of the beneficial function and its high standardization, we can be believed that the SocialCxN token will have very good prospect on this marketing industry since the token can bring all the easy use of access and emerged based on a clear Blockchain.

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Yasir Shirazi is the founding father of SocialCxN, he is already known for its outstanding experience in strategy and e-commerce at fortune 100 Firms. He is also part of research fellow at Harvard University on Cryptocurrencies sector. Besides that, SocialCxN also including the other great member who has different experiences and expertise on blockchain technology, social media marketing, sales consultant, social management, design product, marketing, and etc.

Beside the main team of SocialCxN, the company also have some advisors that also have outstanding experience and expertise on the blockchain, global business, digital marketing, big data, and e-commerce. With this composition of main team and advisors, it seems like SocialCxN can successfully reach its goal to be an all-in-one solution for the marketing industry.

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