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Nowadays, it is common to find to find falsified or incorrect resume and profile information. A study found out that more than 50% of resumes contained inaccurate information. This issue can be solved by implementing reference checks. However, it is difficult to perform effective reference checks due to some problems. For this reason, Project Spring Foundation attempts to address the issue by building a Spring Network, a protocol for effective and reliable attestation of resumes. The presence of this protocol is hoped to improve the quality of recruiting process.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]What is Attestation?[/infobox]

As attestation is the key of the Spring Network, it will be discussed first. Attestation is an information verification made by the parties who possess the information. For instance, a candidate claimed that he or she has ever worked in a particular company. The company that the candidate mentioned should verify or attest the information. The attestation can include colleges, institutions, companies, and specific individuals. The combination of some attestation can complete the reference checks required for a candidate.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Problems of Current Attestation System[/infobox]

It is not easy to perform attestation effectively due to some drawbacks of the system. First of all, attestations take much time and money. The industry lacks practical method that can simplify the attestation process yet can maintain the accurateness of the information. In attesting education background, for example, an interviewer should contact with the administration staff in a college ask so many questions such as whether or not the candidate was enrolled, during what timeframe, what courses were taken, and sort of. It is just for one type of information. The interviewer later should confirm with another person regarding the candidate skills. It can spend a lot of time, even longer than the interview itself.

Actually, there is a reputation system that can help attesting the information given by a candidate. However, the existing reputation system is not reliable as it is given by individuals who have little or even no weight adjustment for their particular expertise.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Spring Solutions[/infobox]

In order to address the aforementioned problems regarding the poor attestation system, Spring network already prepared some solutions. First, Spring creates a verified resume to use and share. The resume contains three main information; educational backgrounds, works experiences, and skills. Once the information is verified, it will be stored in the blockchain. There is no re-verification for verified information thus it is reliable. Spring platform will use an endorsement to crowd-source particular skills. In addition, the platform will implement organization attestation to verify and validate professional details.

These two key facets are used considering that some information is difficult to attest. Claims regarding education background and working experiences can be easily attested by respective institutions or with True/False attestation. However, verifying and validating claims of being excellent in particular skill is not that easy. Therefore, Spring tries to tackle this problem by using the aforementioned two facets.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Who can be the Attestors?[/infobox]

Attestors in the Spring ecosystem are users who play a role as the verifier and validator of the claimed information. These attestors are categorized in some classes. The first one is individuals. They can either endorse other members for particular skills or attest specific project. The second is companies. They attest work experiences, skills, period of employment, and other related information. The third is colleges. They attest period of study, courses taken, transcript, diploma, and many others. The attestors can be also course providers and examination providers. These attestors will contribute to the clear attestation system that is needed to prove the resume validity.

Token Sale Detail

The sale of SPRING token is scheduled in the Q2 of 2018. It means that it is starting soon. There are 10 billion tokens minted. The sale is open to anyone except residents from certain countries. The tokens will be distributed to the holders at the end of the second quarter of the year. Unfortunately, there is not much information about this token sale. Perhaps, you should wait until the middle of the year.

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