TraXion: New Solutions for Banking and Financial System based on Blockchain Technology


Payments and banking become such an unity on financial services and can not be separated. We need those activities to managing our assets and financial life.

But, the existing financial system and banking still facing some basic problems that can be blocked the progress of banking and financial system and decreasing our satisfaction using the banking and financial system. And this is where the TraXion will take a part, to overcome those problems and become the new solutions for many people all over the world.

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Like what has been said before, TraXion is built up with the mission to overcome the problems on the existing model of financial system and banking. TraXion have the mission to be a better bank in the blockchain-driven environment, enabling its community to load, send, save, spend, lend, borrow, and more using secure, simplified yet compliant applications.

TraXion will be creating the environment where the profits meet non-profit sectors and develop a synergy towards corruption free social impact activities. TraXion also launching several products and some beneficial services to preparing themselves for its exciting event involving the crowd in its mission.

TraXion also will be held an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to achieve the objectivity of platform. And after getting the fundraising, it will be used by TraXion team to build further development.

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Unlike the other company that formed and registered their entities and have an irrelevant product to anchor its value propositions, TraXion will do it differently. TraXion will be approaching the success of existing business around payments, wallets and crowdfunding or fundraising platform.  TraXion will be carrying it on the same propositions and business model, but the significant improvements on functionalities and the system flow using blockchain technology.

To executing this approach, TraXion is making a partnership with the other corporations the Gava Technologies Inc. Like we all already know Gava Technologies is a corporation that empowering, end-to-end fundraising platform. It’s offering more than 20 payments options and user-friendly management dashboard with analytics.

With Gava Technologies, TraXion built up some beneficial products that running on Healthcare and insurance services. BayaniHealth, Parachure, and Azurrance. TraXion also already have a platform as a result of their partnership with Gava Tech, the TraXion Wallet. This wallet is currently enabled transfer of funds collected by non-profit organizations to their chosen bank account through a disbursement gateway.

Beside that, The TraXion also will be lanching their product the HyperTraXion Wallet. Its the same structure wallet as TraXion Wallet but with smarter data analytics improvements.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The TraXion Token[/infobox]

Its a common thing in the crypto world, that every platform has their own kind of token. That token will be used to make transactions or payment or even a reward for users across the platform, and so does with TraXion platform. TraXion has its own token, and its token can be known as TraXion token or can be symbolized as TXN token.

TXN token basically is a virtual currency token that based on blockchain technology and being operated by a Smart Contract that running on Hyperledger. TXN is made up using the ERC20 protocol and built up on Ethereum Network.

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