Vanig: The New Solution of E-commerce Inefficiency and Supply Chain based on Blockchain Technology


E-commerce can be described as an act of buying or selling products on online services or over the internet. And nowadays, with the advancement of technology, E-commerce become one of the most important activities in our daily life. E-commerce is quickly taking over the emerging market and it’s predicted that e-commerce will be more expanding in this year.

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Like what has been said before, e-commerce is remarkable growth. But, despite that, the e-commerce market still facing some basic problem that needs to be solved quickly: the supply chain inefficiencies and e-commerce shortcomings.

Basically, Vanig is a platform that built up to instantly overcome that basic problem in the e-commerce industry. Vanig is an integrated E-commerce platform and supply chain ecosystem that powered by blockchain technology. The company of Vanig will be launching the Vanig platform with Vanig token. The vanig token will be the primary currency used across the Vanig ecosystem.

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In order to access all the features and tools inside the Vanig platform, the users and the contributors will need the presence of Vanig token or can be known as VANIG. All the users and the contributors will be receiving the ERC20 exchangeable VANIG token on the Ethereum Network. The VANIG token is fractionally divisible, transferable, and fungible.

The total supply of VANIG is 250.000.000 token, but the amount of token that will be sold is just 60% of the total supply or just 150.000.000 token. The token sale of VANIG will be started at 4 June 2018 and will be ended at 7 August 2018. VANIG token will be accepting crypto and fiat currencies such as ETH, BTC, LTC, and USD.

The VANIG token balances and transfers will be tracked by Vanig platform, and to minimalizing the risk from unforeseen circumstances such as token theft, contract compromise, or a disrupting change in the Ethereum protocol,  Vanig can take the option to freezing the token transfer and issued the new token contract with balances replacing that of the original token registry by a certain date.

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It’s not that easy to make a project with many features and advantages like Vanig. And behind the super project like Vanig, there is also a super team. Vanig is made up from a very experienced team that consist different background of experience and expertise.

The team of the Vanig project is divided into some smaller team. The executive team, the advisor’s team, and the developer’s team. The Executive team of Vanig is led by Prem Sekaran, he is already known by his outstanding experienced in IT technologies and entrepreneur for many years. He also led the other five experienced members of the Vanig’s executive team

The advisor’s team of Vanig is led by David Drake. He acts as a board advisor and together with another six experienced members, they supporting the Vanig project through their brilliant idea of advertising. And the last is developers team, the developer’s team of Vanig is led by Gaurav Bhadula, he is leading another five experienced members of Vanig developer’s team.

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