VOLT: Third Generation of P2P Delivery Platform


In this modern era, most of the human is tend to like everything that fast, easy, and instant. Everything is easy and based on digital and online technology. We can get anything that we want easily than before. And that’s why every business that based on online is more popular than the other model of business.

But, the popularity of delivery service online market doesn’t make delivery service is free from problem. The vague price estimation, delivery speed limitation, insufficient quality and inconvenient interface has created major pitfalls on delivery service. And this is where the VOLT will take a part.

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Like what has been said before, in delivery service there is some problem that needs to be solved quickly. And VOLT is aimed to overcome that problem. The existing or the old model of delivery service is based on a centralized system that is very susceptible to the high costs.

VOLT is built up based on blockchain technology and will be combining with the power of smart contract. With this integration, VOLT will be eliminating the dependence on the centralized system and significantly be decreasing the price of deliveries for all the customers.

VOLT as the third generation of a Delivery platform also built up based on Peer to peer (P2P) system. In a simple word, it’s a P2P platform that utilizes Blockchain decentralized system to decrease the price by 25% eliminating the intermediary overhead.

With the decentralized system, all the transactions that happen within VOLT will be passing VOLT’s 2 engine: the Decentralized ledger, and the automated pricing calculation by the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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With the P2P decentralized system, VOLT offering the transparency to all the customers by displaying all the fees and expenses charged. To use the VOLT platform is quite easy for all the customers. First, the customer can simply open their app and be selecting the start. Second, they have to choose the delivery destinations. Third, after that the customers have to list the item, the amount of the item or the size of the item, in this process the customer can see the price and the estimated delivery time easily.

Fourth, after listing the item that the customer’s need, they have to submit the order. And once the order is submitted, the order will be shared via blockchain technology and will be connecting to the messenger with the corresponding smart contract. After the process is done, the customer can wait for their item and can tracking their item in real time through VOLT apps.

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The basic business model of VOLT is to connecting the customers with the messengers. And the company of VOLT also providing a convenient and user-friendly service with customized algorithm and smart contract derived matching system using Big Data. For customers that want to used VOLT, they need the presence of VOLT token or can be known as VOLT coin.

The use of VOLT coin is to submitting the delivery request from the customers into the app. And The ICO of VOLT coin will be started at April – May 2018 including the ICO pre & public sale.

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