Yumerium – A Ground-Breaking Platform that Benefits both Gamers and Game Developers


In the previous article, you read about industry problems such as expensive game marketing, the inability to resell games, inappropriate share of game revenue, and more. You also learned how Yumerium is planning to overcome the inherent problems. As you read the previous articles, some solutions include using smart contract, omitting middleman, creating fully ownership of games for gamers, and more. In providing these solutions, the team of Yumerium has worked so hard and will keep doing so. They have put their plans on a roadmap. Below is the detail.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Roadmap[/infobox]

The roadmap is divided into three phases. The first phase is dealing with research and development. During this phase, Yumerium website will be launched along with VR Plus and Mega Overload the network system. The website will test the referral system while Mega Overload will support some features in the platform especially the limited-edition ones. Besides, it will also support CryptoPrize. Meanwhile, VR Plus will ensure that the system performs well in physical arcades. These agendas will have been completed by the end of the second quarter 2018.

The second phase of the roadmap will be focusing on Yumerium open-source SDK development. The goal of this phase is to make the Yumerium SDK available for native games and partners. During this phase, the Yumerium SDK will be developed based on a test. The test will be carried out by connecting three Subdream Studios Games to the network. Feedbacks from the developer will be also gained for the SDK improvement. The SDK will be available on GitHub as an open source that can be used by anyone. By the third quarter of 2018, the beta version of the SDK will have been released while the SDK itself will be an ongoing process.

The third phase is dealing with native games and development partners. Starting from the last quarter of the year, the company will begin looking for partner developers to collaborate. Besides, some native games will be released.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Team[/infobox]

The success of a crypto-based project cannot be separated from the contribution of its team. Here at Yumerium, there are three founders working with 9 members of a development team and 8 advisors. The founders all have a strong track record of leading the innovation of business model in the gaming industry. Before creating the “earn-to-play” model, they pioneered the “free-to-play” model which reached more than 40 million USD yearly revenue and attracted more than 100 thousand active players every month. Not only are they experienced in the online gaming business, they are also expert in the offline ones as well as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Token Distribution[/infobox]

Yumerium will cap its total supply of tokens at 633,813,700. There will be additional 184,461,152 tokens for later use. These additional tokens are aimed at increasing the ecosystem. Among the total supply of the tokens, half of them will be distributed for token sale. The presale runs from 24th May – 10th July 2018. It will be directly followed by the main sale which will be conducted from 11th – 24th July 2018. The rest of the tokens are distributed for network seeding, team & advisors, and company reservation.

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