Yumerium – Introducing “Earn-to-Play Model that Solves Inherent Problems in the Gaming Industry


The model of the gaming industry has been always evolving from traditional “pay-to-play” model to the new “free-to-play” model that has successfully attracted a large number of game players and exponentially developed the gaming market, producing lots of profit. Yumerium attempts to create a new model which will promote further growth of the gaming industry today. The model is called “earn-to-play”. In this model, gamers are incentivized with tokens. This is what makes this model different from the previous ones. Moreover, this model will overcome the existing problems occurring in the gaming industry by the use of smart contract and blockchain technology that will disrupt the centralized distribution platforms today. Yumerium team believes that this innovation can benefit gamers and game developers.

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The free-to-play economy has caused a few giant companies to become a strong powerhouse that controls nearly all aspects of gaming such as payment, distribution, and marketing. Each of the companies uses a centralized platform they independently own to control the gaming industry in order to reduce costs and optimize revenue. This enables the companies to decide what games featured on the platform and game developers do not have options but using their payment system. As a result, game developers should pay high due to the lack of transparency and obligation.

From the gamers’ side, the current system is also a disadvantage. Loyal gamers have a major contribution to the success of a game, but instead of having ownership of their games, the only license they have is to play the game on a platform. It results in an inability to resell their digital purchases. For this reasons, gamers are not compensated appropriately for the value they have given to the platform. The worst thing that may happen is that some gamers become victim to a fraud of believing third-party sites who promise compensation for difficult-earned digital items.

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Yumerium will address the problems above by publishing and promoting games using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency through its platform. The games can be played on all platforms including mobile, PC, and VR. The Yumerium objective is to establish a revolving ecosystem around game developers, compensating gamers who play the game and encouraging them to win and have fun.

Yumerium will be the first platform which triggers the relationship between gamers and developers by offering some exceptional features. First, it creates true ownership and scarcity. This allows gamers to resell their games and items to the higher bidder. Games and items are created in limited editions. Second, gamers are incentivized with cryptocurrency in order to motivate them to play. Moreover, this strategy will increase the metrics of critical retention. Third, gamers are able to automatically and securely gain the rewards from in-game competition events. This is something that they couldn’t experience before. No platforms that ever implemented such programmed rewards allocation.

Fourth, Yumerium platform offers customizable revenue sharing models. With these models, developers can decide the allocation structure as they want. Fifth, games and game developers are now also able to control prize pool programs that previously could only be run by publishers and marketing teams. Last, there is also a reward for influencers who spread awareness about Yumerium’s prize events.

The aforementioned principles above are aimed at making games cheaper to buy while at the same time developers will still gain more revenue.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Yumerium Token Sale Timeline[/infobox]

The platform will introduce the Yumerium tokens. Early adopters of Yumerium tokens will get extra benefits and opportunities to get a huge number of great games. Yumerium tokens will hold a crucial role in the platform as they will be used as the major source of prizes. The Yumerium token sale will be done in four periods. The first period is for the presale 1. It is now live. It has started since 24th May 2018. The closing date will be on 9th June 2018. The discount rate for this period is 30%. The second period is the presale 2 which will run from 10th – 25th June 2015. There will be 20% bonus for this sale. It will be directly followed by presale 3 on 26th June with 10% bonus. Meanwhile, the main sale will be carried out from 11th – 24th July 2018. For the main sale, the available bonus is 5%.

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