Zenodys Paltform: Visual Development Platform to Digital Assets Trading based on Blockchain Technology


For a most human, it’s necessary to always manage their financial life by making an investment of their assets. And digital assets become one of the potential options for us to manage our assets.  Especially in this modern and digital based era.

Many invention and development have been done to make such an ideal financial assets services, but in reality there still some basic problem that makes the assets is fragmented, unstructured, and spreading all over the internet and we still do not have the right capability to gathering them into the standardized format of assets. And this is where the zenodys platform will take a part.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Meet the Zenodys Platform[/infobox]

Basically, zenodys is a form of visual development platform and marketplace and based on the decentralized system. Zenodys also will be based on blockchain technology and will give the users access to build and sell high-quality digital assets.

Like what have been said before, zenodys is provided to overcome the old problem of digital assets services like the fragmentation and unstructured data and to overcome this, zenodys will be built with the combination of visual development tool and stored and executed on a decentralized network.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Benefit of Using Zenodys Platform[/infobox]

As a platform that expected can help many people, there is a lot of benefit by using the Zenodys platform. But, we have to know first that the stakeholder who will gain the benefits are: non-programmers and programmers, companies, community, and the society.

For non-programmers and programmers, using zenodys will help them in so many ways. For people who don’t have a deep experience in programming, zenodys will give the simple UI that will be facilitating the visual development process and enable a developer to deliver digital assets much faster. And for programmers, can easily advertise or monetize their special skills on way larger scale.

For the companies, using zenodys can help small-scale companies to access the enterprise’s grade solutions and technologies which were until now reserved solely for the richest corporations.

For a community, zenodys will be providing easy interoperability and simplifies data exchange to ensuring the simple visual writing between devices, software, services, and blockchain protocol. And for society, zenodys platform will be allowing many people to start on learning technology and gives them access to the digital resources that they would not otherwise have.

[infobox style=”alert-success”]The Zenodys Token[/infobox]

Its a common thing in the crypto world, that every platform has their own kind of token. That token will be used to make transactions or payment or even a reward for users across the platform, and so does with zenodys platform. Zenodys have their own token, and their token can be known as CoinZZ token or can be symbolized as ZZ.

CoinZZ is a utility token and built up based on ERC20 Ethereum Standard. This Ethereum standard will be ensuring the interoperability with wallets and other tokens on Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract handle all the transactions and balances in a secure and reliable manner.

The sale of the CoinZZ is planned to start on May 2018. The total supply of CoinZZ is ZZ and the company have planned there will be no additional token when the available token is sold out. The price of CoinZZ token is 0.01 USD.

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  • Bitcointalk: 135cc
  • ETH: 0x002a3C863a9C8C918FfDAfB3E9E09a18F12C99Df

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